Speed where you need it to capture the decisive moment

X-T4 is equipped with the outstanding quad-core X-Processor 4 CPU, giving it the power to perform quickly and accurately whenever needed. Combine this with the cutting-edge X-Trans CMOS 4 back-side illuminated sensor, which features phase-detection pixels across the entire frame, and the result is extraordinary AF performance.

0.02 second AF

A new AF algorithm introduced with X-T4 enables focusing speeds of 0.02 seconds – the fastest AF among mirrorless cameras with an APS-C sensor*.

The same algorithm makes it possible to achieve outstanding AF accuracy, delivering professional results at a split-second’s notice. *According to FUJIFILM research, February 2020.

©Daniel Malikyar

Tracking AF

This same new algorithm significantly improves AF tracking. By recognizing color information and shape, X-T4 is able to instantly and accurately lock on to a subject for maximum peace of mind.

Face & Eye AF

X-T4 benefits from huge upgrades to Face and Eye Detection performance when shooting in burst mode. Compared to previous models, tracking is even more reliable, no matter where your subject moves in the frame.

©Jonas Dyhr Rask

Low Light AF

X-T4’s autofocus is fast and accurate in almost near darkness. The advanced phase-detection system can achieve speed and accuracy right down to -6EV, pushing right to the limits of low-light performance.

Burst shooting

The focal plane shutter inside X-T4 has been newly designed to achieve outstanding performance and durability. Using its high-speed coreless DC motor, it is capable of an amazing 15fps continuous shooting in post view*1 and 8fps continuous shooting in live view. It is 30% quieter, and it is good for a massive 300,000 actuations*2. This blistering speed is complemented by a release time lag of just 0.035 seconds and a live view blackout period of 0.075 seconds. When combined with such advanced AF, even the fastest of action can be framed in outstanding quality.

*1 Fastest burst shooting at mechanical shutter among mirrorless cameras with an APS-C size sensor (February, 2020)
*2 According to Fujifilm internal testing.

©William Chua