Uncompromising video capabilities.

Movie Mode

Every aspect of X-T4 has been designed to embrace the hybrid photographer, not least its dedicated STILL/MOVIE lever, which enables seamless transition between photography and videography. This functionality is enhanced by a video-specific menu and the addition of a video-only Quick Menu (Q Menu) to provide hassle free movie making.

Movie Optimized Control

To ensure the smoothest footage, it is possible to override the external controls and change settings using the LCD touchscreen or front/rear command dials while recording. This helps to eliminate vibrations caused while adjusting your grip.

Professional level video recording

With X-T4, it is possible to record professional-quality 4K/60P 10-bit video at 4:2:0 color internally and 4:2:2 via the built-in HDMI port.

When doing so internally at 200Mbps, the camera also supports H.264/MPEG-4 AVC as well as H.265/HEVC, to achieve a higher rate of compression.

You can also choose MP4 in addition to the standard MOV video file format for greater versatility.

File format : [MOV/H.265(HEVC) LPCM] Sampling/Bit depth = 4:2:0/10bit
File format : [MOV/H .264 LPCM] Sampling/Bit depth = 4:2:0/8bit
File format : [MP4/H .264 LPCM] Sampling/Bit depth = 4:2:0/8bit
HDMI output : Sampling/Bit depth = 4:2:2/10bit

*1 Cannot choose slower shutter speed than framerate
*2 Not compatible with DCI4K.
*3 Codec and bit rate will be changed depends on the recorder.

Ultra Highspeed recording

Explore a whole new world of video with X-T4’s Full HD/240p super slow-motion video function, which can record fast-moving action in extraordinary detail.

Stabilize even more.

When making videos, it is possible to use digital image stabilization (DIS) in addition to IBIS for even more freedom to create handheld. It is also possible to activate Image Stabilization Boost mode with or without DIS enabled, 

which provides even more control in handheld situations.

Digital Image Stabilization (DIS)

IS Mode Boost

F-Log view assist

During F-Log recording, you can convert the file to a video equivalent to BT.709 for display purposes.

F-Log view assist OFF

F-Log view assist ON

Fixed video crop rate

When recording in 4K with both IBIS and DIS enabled, the video crop rate is fixed at 1.29x. This makes it easier to align the frame when the video mode is changed.

Line-level audio input

The camera supports external microphones as well as line-level input from external audio equipment.

Focus Check Lock

If you start recording video using the enlarged display, you can keep this display or have the camera switch back to the standard view.

Back-up recording

X-T4 supports backup recording, this is when video is recorded onto two memory cards at the same time.

* You cannot choose different video modes for video to be backed up, the same recording settings are applied to both cards.