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Those of true inspiration tell a story for the sake of the story, not for the sake of the reward.
Create more than just an image...
The press of every shutter throughout Fujifilm’s 85-year history has told a story. However, without a platform for expression those stories can often go unheard.
We want to hear your stories, so we have created this place for you to come learn, create, share, and connect with us and the community around you.
If you know your story, we can help you voice it. If you don’t, we can help you find it. If you’re unsure, we can inspire you to chase it. Regardless, we want you to Create Forever because now is the best time to start thinking about forever. Learn more about how we found our Create Forever story.
Students of Storytelling
Students of Storytelling is the latest development in the Create Forever movement and aims to nurture the most talented young storytellers in the US by giving them the opportunity to share their stories with the world.
We believe creativity breeds creativity, that’s why we’re helping the next generation of creators express themselves so they can inspire others to do the same.
Our participants are all students currently studying in the US and they believe in the power that storytelling has in triggering thought, encouraging dialogue, and bringing people together. Check out how, with our help, they’re hoping to truly make a difference.
Be inspired
We are a community of storytellers, with our own stories to tell, and this is where they are told.
Find your voice
The Create Forever Workshops, with Muse Storytelling, are your chance to learn from some of the greatest storytellers in the world.
Tell your story
Your story is a part of us and we want to hear it. Come share it with us and participate in our community.