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It takes great skill to make art, but it takes a great story to make it truly powerful. Create Forever is all about finding a purpose in your creativity, so explore our content and discover the value of asking yourself ‘why’?


Students of Storytelling

A partnership with Artists Den has given three young filmmakers an exclusive opportunity to participate in the creation of an episode of Live from My Den, an on-going digital music series featuring some of the world’s top music talent, and learn first-hand how to tell someone else’s story through their own lens.

Why we made Create Forever

Here at Fujifilm, we believe stories are what make images meaningful and we care about the positive impact that these stories can have on the world around us. That’s why we teamed up with Muse Storytelling to create this content portal which is designed to inspire everyone to use image-making to reach a broader purpose or uncover a deeper truth. Click below to watch our video and learn more.

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