"Colors"matter every time

Film Simulation

Film Simulation modes are exclusive to FUJIFILM digital cameras and provide you with a gallery of color presets that emulate some of the best-loved photographic films in history. X-T4 features the very latest in the collection: ETERNA Bleach Bypass. This beautiful new Film Simulation mode creates a high-contrast look with low color saturation to reproduce the popular bleach bypass technique used by image makers in the days of analog film.

©Pål Laukli

Tone Adjustment

Highlights and shadows can be tweaked by as little as half a stop at a time, making it easier to reproduce a scene exactly as you saw it. This helps to significantly cut post-processing, allowing you to spend less time at your computer and more time creating.

Auto White Balance

The enhanced Auto White Balance (AWB) feature offers AUTO, White Priority, or Ambience Priority to ensure maximum accuracy, straight out of camera. In scenes lit by incandescent bulbs, the camera chooses for whiter whites when set to “White Priority” and warmer whites when set to “Ambience Priority”.