10 Years of X Mount

We announced our first interchangeable-lens
mirrorless camera X-Pro1 with three XF prime lenses on
9th of January, 2012.
This is where the history of the X mount began,
and this year marks the 10th anniversary.
Over the past 10 years,
we have introduced close to 30 X models and 40 lenses,
thanks to the growing popularity of X Series.
We appreciate everyone for choosing and
supporting our products.
What’s been built in the past 10 years
will be the foundation for the 10 years to come.
The evolution of X mount will continue.

Hashtag campaign

10 years of X Mount hashttag campaign
10 years of X Mount hashttag campaign

We are starting a hashtag campaign all X users are welcome to participate in. This is the “#10YearsOfXMount” campaign. Simply post a photo of the theme we will set each month with hashtag #10YearsOfXMount on specified social media such as Instagram. We may leave a comment or reach out to you for reposting purpose on our new Instagram global account, fuijifilmxworld. We will announce the theme on here fujifilm-x.com beginning of each month.

Video Project “Reflections”

To celebrate the 10th anniversary together with X users, the video project called “Reflections” will take place. We would like to feature X-users who we came to know during our 10 year journey.

Fhaye Olano (Philippines)

Sam Lau (Malaysia)

Son Tung (Vietnam)

Okan Yilmaz (Turkey)

George Nobechi (Japan)

Pilar Silvestre (Spain)