10 Years of X Mount

We announced our first interchangeable-lens
mirrorless camera X-Pro1 with three XF prime lenses on
9th of January, 2012.
This is where the history of the X mount began,
and this year marks the 10th anniversary.
Over the past 10 years,
we have introduced close to 30 X models and 40 lenses,
thanks to the growing popularity of X Series.
We appreciate everyone for choosing and
supporting our products.
What’s been built in the past 10 years
will be the foundation for the 10 years to come.
The evolution of X mount will continue.


Video Project “Reflections”

To celebrate the 10th anniversary together with X users, the video project called “Reflections” will take place. We would like to feature X-users who we came to know during our 10 year journey.

Jihong Park(Korea)

Yolanda Hoskey(USA)

Yagazie Eguare (Nigeria)

Emilio Aparicio Rodriguez (Colombia)

Fhaye Olano (Philippines)

Sam Lau (Malaysia)

Son Tung (Vietnam)

Okan Yilmaz (Turkey)

George Nobechi (Japan)

Pilar Silvestre (Spain)