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2018.03.14Patrice Halley

使用 FUJIFILM X-H1 探索新边界(摄影师:帕特里斯•哈利)

Patrice Halley

Over 15 years of experience as a Journalist, Photographer and Author
Extensive experience in international contexts
French, Fluent English and Functional Spanish JOURNALISM
Gathered and analyzed information at local, national and international levels
Selected news and conceived story ideas
Wrote texts, columns and technical articles
Prepared interviews
Organized international logistics for foreign-made reports
Covered different locations with ease while on assignment COMMUNICATION
Assessed needs and designed internal and external communication tools (visual and written)
Gathered information and collaborated on the production of feature stories, columns, brochures, reports and press releases
Processed information to adapt it to specific media and target audience
Developed written and visual content for web sites
Responded to oral or written requests of information PHOTOGRAPHY
Searched for subjects, planned reports, obtained and managed project funds
Organized logistics, produced and commercialized photographic production
Supervised a team in of photographers in news production
Took pictures, edited and commercialized international projects from magazine publishers
Prepared and facilitated photo workshops and motivational conferences
Gathered pictures for commercial, corporate and advertising projects ACCOMPLISHMENTS
Consultant and content producer for television documentary series such as Planet Earth and the Human Planet and other documentaries on Arte, BBC, Discovery Europe, ZDF.
Creator of photo reports for international magazines (with budgets up to $50000)
Marketing (in 15 countries) of words and pictures production, as well as 100000 stock pictures
Author of Sentinels of the Saint-Laurent best seller of 30000 copies and Far North
Supervising the creation of a foreign office and team of photographers to cover Mediterranean Coast and Africa PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Photographer-Journalist
Audubon, Gruner+Jahr (Geo France & Germany), Bayard Group, Canadian Geographic Society, Rogers media, The Globe & Mail, Explore, Groupe Espaces, Paris-Match, Figaro Magazine, National Geographic Society Commercial Photographer
Applied Communications, Artic & Inuit Adventures, BC Hydro, BMIR, Cossette Communication, Crescent Point Energy, Delta Hotels & Resorts, Linblad Expeditions, Precision Drilling Corp., R.C.R., Shorefast Foundation, Sun Peak resorts, Tourism British Columbia, Tourisme Quebec, Ontario North, Travel Alberta Author, Keynote Speaker
Les Éditions de l'Homme, Salon-D-Click, Lozeau, Abbotsford Photo Art Seminars, Montreal Camera Club, SPPQ Consultant/Documentary Content Producer
Canada Wild, The Human Planet BBC (U.K.), Arte Europe, Kaspar Films (Germany), Morgane Productions (France) Associate Photographer
Photographers/Aspen (USA), GLMR & Assoc. (France), Gamma (France) Photojournalist, France
VSD (Weekly - 400000 copies) 
Coverage of large sports political and social events, adventure and travel reports, portraiture, Interviews done with Noble Price recipients, artists and Heads of State Editorial Sales Manager
Photo sales for Presse-Sport (Agency affiliated to the daily L'Équipe, France) Editor and Photo Sales Manager
Kyrnéa Presse (France) EDUCATION
Diplôme en technique photographique et arts visuels
(Diploma in Photograph Technique and Visual Arts)
École de la Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris, France
(Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry School) AWARDS (NON-EXHAUSTIVE LIST)
2008 Nominated for the National Magazine Award
2007 Nominated in a selected group of the 200 best photographers by the renowned Magenta Foundation
2006 Quebec Magazines'Grand Prize for the best extensive report as published in Geographica/L'Actualité
2006 National Magazine Awards (Canada) best event coverage in the High-circulation magazines'category
2005 Quebec Magazines'Grand Prize in the Photo report category
2004 Recipient of a Grand Prize and 6th time winner (2002, 2001, two prizes in 2000, 1999) of a Northern Lights Award for excellence in travel photography
1999 Selected among the world's best photo-journalists to partake in The Eye of Montreal
1998 Lowell Thomas Prize (USA) for excellence in travel journalism BIBLIOGRAPHY (AS AUTHOR OR PHOTOGRAPHER)
Grand Nord, Éditions de l'Homme, Québec (2003)
Les Sentinelles du Saint-Laurent, Éditions de l'homme, Québec (2002) (best seller)
Montréal Métropole, Éditions Aux Yeux du Monde, Québec (2000)
Minganie, Éditions Sylvain Harvey, Québec (1999)
Arctique Aventure Boréales, Éditions, Barthélémy, France (1991) PUBLICATIONS AND COLLABORATIONS (NON-EXHAUSTIVE)
Abenteuer & Reisen (Germany) L'Actualité (Canada) Airone (Italy) Animan (Switzerland) Asahi Shimbun (Japan) Bike (USA-Germany) Canadian Geographic (Canada) Courrier International (France) Daily Telegraph (U.K.) Explore, Espaces (Canada) Figaro magazine (France) Financial Post Business (Canada) Focus (U.K. Italy. U.K.), Geo (Germany France) Geo Mundo (Mexico) Grands Reportages (France) La Presse (Canada) Le Monde (France) National Geographic/N.G.Adventure (USA) Outside(USA) Paris-Match (France) Photo Life/Solutions (Canada) Revista Geographica Universal (Brazil) Terra (Germany) Terre sauvage (France) The Globe & Mail (Canada) Sinra (Japan) Sète (Italy) Sunday Telegraph (U.K.) Time (USA) EXHIBITS
Canadian Arctic, Canada House, London, United Kingdom
Twenty Years of Assignments, Centre 64, Kimberley, British Columbia
Far North, Blow-Up Gallery, Tour de la Bourse, Montreal, Quebec
Le Nord Canadien, Musée Pablo Picasso, Antibes, France
L'oeil du Golf, Complexe Desjardins, Montreal, Quebec
L'oeil de Montréal, Centre d'Histoire de Montreal, Quebec PASSIONS AND PERSONAL INTERESTS
Aboriginal cultures of the world, high mountain snowboarding, mountain biking, climbing, mountaineering TECHNICAL INFORMATION
Travels from Arctic tundra to tropical forests. Self-reliant in remote areas, high mountains (CAA level 1) experienced in wilderness locations. Specialist in adventure photography and treks, snowboards, mountain bikes, canoes, sea kayaks, climbs and captures wildlife photography SOME DESTINATIONS/EXPEDITIONS/CRUISES
Australia, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Canada, (over 20 journeys into the Arctic) Costa-Rica, Cuba, Chili, Greece, Guatemala, India (several journeys) Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Ladakh, Madagascar, Mascarene Islands, Mexico (several journeys) Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Turkey, USA (extensive journeys, up to six months) - Self supported crossing of Peruvian Southern Andes by mountain-bike
- Self supported trek across Auyuittuq Baffin Island, Nunavut
- Self supported ski traverse of the Flathead mountains British Columbia/Alberta/Montana
- Self supported traverse of Ellesmere Island (Sverdrup pass)
- Self supported sea-kayak expedition on the Winisk River to Hudson Bay
- Self supported river expeditions (canoe) on the Keele, Mountain (T.N.O), Peel and Pelly (Yukon)-
- Self supported sea-kayak expedition Saguenay river
- High mountain snowboarding Purcell's, Kootenay, Rockies, Columbia, Monashees ranges
- Various multi days mountain-biking expeditions in USA, Chili, British Columbia, France, Greece, Guatemala, Nepal, Peru
- Columbia and Snake river cruise with the National Geographic Seabird/Linblad Expeditions
- NOW scientific mission (2 months in the high Arctic aboard the CCGS Pierre Radisson icebreaker) Personal motto:
"The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust

当你来到职业生涯的交叉路口时,有时候很难选择新的领域。改行到摄像领域前,我曾经为国际杂志进行了 25 年以上的拍摄工作。现在,我仍然会拍摄照片,主要是担当摄影总监,但故事记录过程中增加了很多关于视频的工作,我也因此非常忙碌。而且,我发现摄像和摄影看起来很相似,但实际上是相反的东西。摄像时,你捕捉的是连贯动作,而在摄影中,你守候的是一个特殊瞬间。因此,我几乎停止了拍摄静止图像。不过,我仍然希望有机会可以拍摄有故事的照片。

这次获得了 X-H1 现场测试的机会,我觉得,这是一个重新拾起曾经的爱好,同时将我的经验和热爱融入新职业的独特契机。X-H1 让我可以自由扩展创意空间,无论选择摄影还是摄像,都可以探索我最爱的形式——故事描述。当拿起相机时,我能够立刻感受到某种新的激情在燃起。
我想将 X-H1 用于真正的探险环境。于是,我决定带相机去参加一次探险活动,加入了朋友组织的加拿大岩石山脉冰岩攀登旅行。通过在该地区两个星期的测试,我很高兴地发现,X-H1 真的是一款适合冒险摄影师和摄像师使用的相机。

虽然现今的设备和传统摄影设备从外观看来好像没有什么区别,它们之间唯一的不同在于内在的改变。关于 X-H1 我注意到的第一点便是,它所载入的功能增加了其作为跨媒介相机的多面性。IBIS(五轴防抖) 显然就是最有价值的组件,即使在运动中也可以减少模糊片段。虽然它并不会取代稳定器,但该组件简直就是很多动作拍摄的救星。我亲眼见证了悬挂在绳子上时的拍摄。
当我在薄冰脉上攀爬时,我的第一印象是如此轻巧的相机不适合这样艰难的山脉环境。但我错了。虽然体积不大,但构造坚固耐用。在这个星期中,X-H1 尝遍了雪、冰、滴水,甚至是与攀爬工具、岩石的意外碰撞等等。在日复一日的攀爬中,你会感激这款小型、轻巧的相机还可以正常使用,尤其是当你想拍摄加拿大岩石全景风貌的时候。

无反相机装备让我在旅途和探险活动中获得了更多的自由,体验了该款机型后,便再也无法返回使用以前的相机了。X-H1 大幅度减少了从摄影切换至摄像的限制。一个机身内集聚两种媒介,尤其还兼具 4K 和慢动作视频。
无论你是从 EVF或翻折式屏幕下方还是上方进行拍摄,都可以保持一直看见拍摄对象。选择富士镜头,就意味着没有拍不到的拍摄对象,富士丰富的胶片模拟色彩还原技术让你可以凭直觉去抓拍瞬间,无论是运动还是静止状态。