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03.14.2018Patrice Halley

Exploring New Boundaries with the FUJIFILM X-H1 by Patrice Halley

Patrice Halley

Over 15 years of experience as a Journalist, Photographer and Author
Extensive experience in international contexts
French, Fluent English and Functional Spanish JOURNALISM
Gathered and analyzed information at local, national and international levels
Selected news and conceived story ideas
Wrote texts, columns and technical articles
Prepared interviews
Organized international logistics for foreign-made reports
Covered different locations with ease while on assignment COMMUNICATION
Assessed needs and designed internal and external communication tools (visual and written)
Gathered information and collaborated on the production of feature stories, columns, brochures, reports and press releases
Processed information to adapt it to specific media and target audience
Developed written and visual content for web sites
Responded to oral or written requests of information PHOTOGRAPHY
Searched for subjects, planned reports, obtained and managed project funds
Organized logistics, produced and commercialized photographic production
Supervised a team in of photographers in news production
Took pictures, edited and commercialized international projects from magazine publishers
Prepared and facilitated photo workshops and motivational conferences
Gathered pictures for commercial, corporate and advertising projects ACCOMPLISHMENTS
Consultant and content producer for television documentary series such as Planet Earth and the Human Planet and other documentaries on Arte, BBC, Discovery Europe, ZDF.
Creator of photo reports for international magazines (with budgets up to $50000)
Marketing (in 15 countries) of words and pictures production, as well as 100000 stock pictures
Author of Sentinels of the Saint-Laurent best seller of 30000 copies and Far North
Supervising the creation of a foreign office and team of photographers to cover Mediterranean Coast and Africa PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Photographer-Journalist
Audubon, Gruner+Jahr (Geo France & Germany), Bayard Group, Canadian Geographic Society, Rogers media, The Globe & Mail, Explore, Groupe Espaces, Paris-Match, Figaro Magazine, National Geographic Society Commercial Photographer
Applied Communications, Artic & Inuit Adventures, BC Hydro, BMIR, Cossette Communication, Crescent Point Energy, Delta Hotels & Resorts, Linblad Expeditions, Precision Drilling Corp., R.C.R., Shorefast Foundation, Sun Peak resorts, Tourism British Columbia, Tourisme Quebec, Ontario North, Travel Alberta Author, Keynote Speaker
Les Éditions de l'Homme, Salon-D-Click, Lozeau, Abbotsford Photo Art Seminars, Montreal Camera Club, SPPQ Consultant/Documentary Content Producer
Canada Wild, The Human Planet BBC (U.K.), Arte Europe, Kaspar Films (Germany), Morgane Productions (France) Associate Photographer
Photographers/Aspen (USA), GLMR & Assoc. (France), Gamma (France) Photojournalist, France
VSD (Weekly - 400000 copies) 
Coverage of large sports political and social events, adventure and travel reports, portraiture, Interviews done with Noble Price recipients, artists and Heads of State Editorial Sales Manager
Photo sales for Presse-Sport (Agency affiliated to the daily L'Équipe, France) Editor and Photo Sales Manager
Kyrnéa Presse (France) EDUCATION
Diplôme en technique photographique et arts visuels
(Diploma in Photograph Technique and Visual Arts)
École de la Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris, France
(Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry School) AWARDS (NON-EXHAUSTIVE LIST)
2008 Nominated for the National Magazine Award
2007 Nominated in a selected group of the 200 best photographers by the renowned Magenta Foundation
2006 Quebec Magazines'Grand Prize for the best extensive report as published in Geographica/L'Actualité
2006 National Magazine Awards (Canada) best event coverage in the High-circulation magazines'category
2005 Quebec Magazines'Grand Prize in the Photo report category
2004 Recipient of a Grand Prize and 6th time winner (2002, 2001, two prizes in 2000, 1999) of a Northern Lights Award for excellence in travel photography
1999 Selected among the world's best photo-journalists to partake in The Eye of Montreal
1998 Lowell Thomas Prize (USA) for excellence in travel journalism BIBLIOGRAPHY (AS AUTHOR OR PHOTOGRAPHER)
Grand Nord, Éditions de l'Homme, Québec (2003)
Les Sentinelles du Saint-Laurent, Éditions de l'homme, Québec (2002) (best seller)
Montréal Métropole, Éditions Aux Yeux du Monde, Québec (2000)
Minganie, Éditions Sylvain Harvey, Québec (1999)
Arctique Aventure Boréales, Éditions, Barthélémy, France (1991) PUBLICATIONS AND COLLABORATIONS (NON-EXHAUSTIVE)
Abenteuer & Reisen (Germany) L'Actualité (Canada) Airone (Italy) Animan (Switzerland) Asahi Shimbun (Japan) Bike (USA-Germany) Canadian Geographic (Canada) Courrier International (France) Daily Telegraph (U.K.) Explore, Espaces (Canada) Figaro magazine (France) Financial Post Business (Canada) Focus (U.K. Italy. U.K.), Geo (Germany France) Geo Mundo (Mexico) Grands Reportages (France) La Presse (Canada) Le Monde (France) National Geographic/N.G.Adventure (USA) Outside(USA) Paris-Match (France) Photo Life/Solutions (Canada) Revista Geographica Universal (Brazil) Terra (Germany) Terre sauvage (France) The Globe & Mail (Canada) Sinra (Japan) Sète (Italy) Sunday Telegraph (U.K.) Time (USA) EXHIBITS
Canadian Arctic, Canada House, London, United Kingdom
Twenty Years of Assignments, Centre 64, Kimberley, British Columbia
Far North, Blow-Up Gallery, Tour de la Bourse, Montreal, Quebec
Le Nord Canadien, Musée Pablo Picasso, Antibes, France
L'oeil du Golf, Complexe Desjardins, Montreal, Quebec
L'oeil de Montréal, Centre d'Histoire de Montreal, Quebec PASSIONS AND PERSONAL INTERESTS
Aboriginal cultures of the world, high mountain snowboarding, mountain biking, climbing, mountaineering TECHNICAL INFORMATION
Travels from Arctic tundra to tropical forests. Self-reliant in remote areas, high mountains (CAA level 1) experienced in wilderness locations. Specialist in adventure photography and treks, snowboards, mountain bikes, canoes, sea kayaks, climbs and captures wildlife photography SOME DESTINATIONS/EXPEDITIONS/CRUISES
Australia, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Canada, (over 20 journeys into the Arctic) Costa-Rica, Cuba, Chili, Greece, Guatemala, India (several journeys) Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Ladakh, Madagascar, Mascarene Islands, Mexico (several journeys) Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Turkey, USA (extensive journeys, up to six months) - Self supported crossing of Peruvian Southern Andes by mountain-bike
- Self supported trek across Auyuittuq Baffin Island, Nunavut
- Self supported ski traverse of the Flathead mountains British Columbia/Alberta/Montana
- Self supported traverse of Ellesmere Island (Sverdrup pass)
- Self supported sea-kayak expedition on the Winisk River to Hudson Bay
- Self supported river expeditions (canoe) on the Keele, Mountain (T.N.O), Peel and Pelly (Yukon)-
- Self supported sea-kayak expedition Saguenay river
- High mountain snowboarding Purcell's, Kootenay, Rockies, Columbia, Monashees ranges
- Various multi days mountain-biking expeditions in USA, Chili, British Columbia, France, Greece, Guatemala, Nepal, Peru
- Columbia and Snake river cruise with the National Geographic Seabird/Linblad Expeditions
- NOW scientific mission (2 months in the high Arctic aboard the CCGS Pierre Radisson icebreaker) Personal motto:
"The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust

When you arrive at a crossroad in your career, it is sometimes difficult to explore new frontiers. I have been photographing assignments for international magazines for more than 25 years before I made the transition to videography. Now, I am still harvesting images, mostly as a Director of Photography, but video has added so much work to the process of documenting a story that it keeps me very busy. And, I found out that videography and photography can be antinomic pursuits. When filming, you capture a constant flow of movements while in contrary, in photography you are waiting to capture special moments. Thus, I have almost stopped taking stills. However, I still long for occasions to shoot photo essays.

So, when I was offered to field-test the X-H1, I saw this as a unique opportunity to reconnect with my old passion while blending in my experience and love for my new career. The X-H1 could be the device that would allow me to extend my creative process and give me the freedom, regardless of the chosen medium, to explore what I have been the most passionate about: story telling. When I grabbed the camera, I could readily feel a sense of renewal.
I wanted to expose the X-H1 to a real adventurous environment. So, I decided to take the camera on an adventure and joined friends who were ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies. After two weeks in the field, I’m happy to report that I feel the camera has what it takes to become a tool of choice for serious adventure photographers and cinematographers.

The only difference between current and “old school” photography gear is that, while from the outside some the tools haven’t changed much, inside they have evolved so much! The first thing I noticed about the X-H1 is that it is loaded with features increasing it’s versatility as a cross medium camera. The IBIS is clearly the most invaluable asset of all, reducing shaky footage even in action. This will not replace a gimbal by any means but what a “life saver” it can in many action situations! I clearly saw that while dangling on a rope.
As I climbed on a thin ice vein, my first impression was that the lightness of the camera would be no match for the difficult mountainous environment. I was so wrong. The bulk is not there but the construction is “bomb-proof.” Over the week, the X-H1 had a taste of snow, ice, dripping water and even unwanted contacts with climbing tools and the rock, all ungrudgingly. Day after day, as you climb up, you come to appreciate the size and weight of the camera and also the fact that it remains operational, especially when you want to take a panoramic view of the Canadian Rockies.

Mirrorless equipment allowed me to gain more freedom of movement in my travel and adventures and since I’ve made the transition, I’ve never looked behind. With the X-H1, the constraints of switching from photography to video are drastically reduced. I can now consider covering two mediums with one single camera, especially with one offering 4K and slow motion capabilities all “under the same roof.”
Whether you’re capturing action from under or from above the EVF tilt screen allow you to stay in constant visual contact with your subject. The Fuji lens selection means that no subjects are out of reach and the rich Fuji digital palette allows you to instinctively capture moments, whether they are moving or still.

If you decide to choose another passion, it can be seen as a transgression or even feel like a betrayal. However, if you are allowed to pursue instinctively both narrative processes at the same time, perhaps you will just experience a greater level of satisfaction?