CASE STUDY 02 The 400MP high-resolution image to
preserve every essence of history

“Robe (Kosode) with Autumn Flowers” (Tokyo National Museum collection) features designs painted by artist Ogata Kōrin in the early 18th century.Kōrin was born in Kyoto and later went to Edo (as Tokyo was formerly known). There, he temporarily stayed at the house of the Fuyuki’s, a wealthy lumber merchant family. He drew the designs on the wife’s kimono as a token for the hospitality. Before the garment underwent conservation work to prevent further degradation which has been occurred by wear and tear over the years and enable safe handling, we were allowed to photograph the garment in ultra-high resolution. Archiving the condition of valuable cultural properties is essential for passing them onto future generations. The 400MP Pixel Shift Multi-Shot for the GFX system was selected to record the history of this cultural property and create an accurate archive prior to the restoration work.

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Robe (Kosode) with Autumn Flowers By Ogata Kōrin / Important Cultural Property / Edo period, early-18th century / TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM
Cooperation :The National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties

GF110mmF2 R LM WR

[Shutter Speed]
Lighting used/broncolor/LED Light+Umbrella/6units


When shooting close-up shots for archival purposes, the resolution of the viewfinder becomes very important. With a 5.76M dot resolution, GFX100’s viewfinder works perfectly, allowing me to easily adjust the focus manually. Not only the resolution of the viewfinder but also the feature which automatically magnifies to the focus point when rotating the focus ring on the lens were very efficient.
The 400MP resolution image captured by the Pixel Shift Multi-Shot feature of the GFX camera is outstanding. It captures a massive amount of information which is more than what human eyes can recognize. The soft texture of the silk thread used for the “Kosode” was even recognizable from the 400MP image.
Since this feature merges multiple images to achieve the unparalleled 400MP resolution, using a secure tripod and taking other measures to prevent any shakes or unwanted changes within the frame are required. Although it requires extra care, the outcome of the image is rewarding.

Taro Terashi
(Japan Professional
Photographer’s Society)/
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Kōrin Kimono Restoration Project
The Kōrin Kimono features a design by Ogata Kōrin.
Now, after 300 years, the garment is in need of restoration.The Kōrin Kimono Restoration Project is now undertaken by Tokyo National Museum and the National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties(CPCP).
With your support, we will ensure the valuable cultural property is passed down to future generations.