02.20.2024 Kevin Mullins

X100VI: Kevin Mullins x Timeless Value

Kevin Mullins

Kevin is a professional documentary wedding and family photographer based in the United Kingdom. One of the first official FUJIFILM X-Photographers, he started shooting weddings professionally in 2008 and since then has photographed weddings right across the UK and internationally. Shooting in a documentary style he strives to tell the story of the wedding through photojournalism, rather than “traditional” wedding photography.
Kevin is an educator and platform speaker and has exhibited his work in Japan, The United States and Argentina. He also runs and curates the F16.Click website where he publishes tips and tricks and articles for Fujifilm users.
He has been shooting with Fujifilm equipment since 2011 since the original X100 was launched.

Documentary wedding and family photographer Kevin Mullins shares his thoughts on the FUJIFILM X100VI, following a decade-long love story with every X100 camera


Since its launch in 2011 with the FinePix X100, Fujifilm’s lineup of compact, fixed-lens cameras has grown immensely in popularity – and there’s only more to come with a sixth iteration in the FUJIFILM X100VI. Still, few could have been awaiting its arrival so keenly as Kevin Mullins.

The wedding photographer has used every single X100 body through the years, as part of his documentarian approach to a couple’s big day. Most recently, he’s had the X100VI by his side, getting to know its new leagues of creative potential and professionalism. It’s safe to say he hasn’t been disappointed.


“Through the early 2010s, I was using DSLRs for my weddings. They were fine, certainly big and heavy, but nothing else took my interest. Then I saw this new, little camera at a trade show in Germany,” Kevin recalls. “It was the FinePix X100. They just had a picture, and didn’t say much about it, but I was drawn in. I pre-ordered it, and it turned up one morning before a wedding. I took it with me and loved it. The EVF let me see my exact exposures and the images looked great, but mostly I loved the new process it unlocked. It was so small, I could blend in and get closer to subjects, which was perfect for my photography. Suddenly, I wasn’t being seen as the wedding photographer – I was just another fellow with a camera at the wedding, in the best possible way.”


Models to follow offered a steady stream of evolving technology. What remained the same, however, was a fun, functional design.

“Look and feel has always remained true. It’s a beautiful thing,” Kevin effuses. “I say to a lot of other photographers, if you don’t have kit you enjoy using, it will manifest itself in the way you work. Having passion for your tools is part and parcel of loving the overall process.”


Among a suite of upgrades in the X100VI, Kevin is most excited by the addition of the 40.2-megapixel X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor and up to six stops of IBIS. After just a few weeks of use, the benefits to his genre – and many others – are evident.

“A 40.2-megapixel sensor is a massive deal. Look how far we’ve come from the first X100 with 12 megapixels. You often hear old-school photographers saying, ‘I could use anything and still do the same job,’ but I don’t believe it. The more megapixels a camera can fit in without having any detrimental effect on low-light performance or shooting speed, the better.


“Now, with the fixed-lens camera that is the X100VI, you can get as close as possible to a subject. Yet, if you ever need to crop in significantly, you retain amazing quality. A lot of people see a new sensor and hold off until the next one, then the next one, and on forever. But the X100VI is such a significant jump. It’s definitely a professional-standard camera, but more importantly, this form factor puts all that quality in a camera everyday people can carry with them through their lives.


“When working weddings, I will use the X100VI hand in hand with an X-T5 or other X Series body – it’s all manageable for me,” Kevin continues. “For many others, especially in the field, the X100VI is a real opportunity. They’re getting incredible image quality and cohesion thanks to the fixed lens – all in a camera they can pop into a pocket. Street photographers, commercial photographers, landscape photographers – the millions of people with those shared needs – should be paying attention to the X100VI.

“As for the IBIS, it was unexpected, but very welcome. Every image maker finds themselves in challenging situations sometimes. Now, they’ll be able to enter any low-light environment, or get creative with slower shutter speeds, and create cleaner, crisper images. The IBIS and new sensor working together are massive upgrades.”


If certain unmentioned functions seem overshadowed, it’s only testament to the significance of what’s been achieved. The speed of X-Processor 5, presence of Digital Teleconverter and internal ND, a new Film Simulation, native Frame.io Camera to Cloud and more have already begun to bring Kevin’s visions to life better than ever.

“Autofocus is markedly improved over the X100V, and now includes functions like improved eye tracking, subject detection modes – all that good stuff which makes life easier,” Kevin notes. “With the internal ND and superfast electronic shutter, you can make images in bright daylight wide open at F2. I’ve also been using it in the streets of London, having great fun with slow shutter effects.

“One thing I’ve said for a long time is that taking a picture and having it disappear up into the cloud is a dream. You could run an action, and it’s edited and ready to go by the time you get home. That whole process is still somewhere down the line, but the opportunities for people with Camera to Cloud – even simply to add redundancy to a single card – are incredible.

“I also love the REALA ACE Film Simulation, which is new to the X100VI. There’s an entire world of Fujifilm fans out there who spend time building custom JPEG looks, me included. There are so many beautiful options now, but the ability to adjust those further – across shadows, highlights, colour balance and more – lets you make things completely unique. REALA ACE is very nice, especially for people who make video. That likelihood is greater than ever now, with the X100VI’s 6.2K capture and IBIS. It’s so cinematic.”


Kevin’s final comments encapsulate the real joy of the X100VI – which is to say, a love of the game. Image-making tools must deliver exceptional results, but the method varies. When these results are achieved without unnecessary complication, and with a process that’s pleasurable, you’re left with a pure creative pursuit.

“The word ‘fun’ keeps coming to mind,” Kevin concludes, “but it is such a fun camera to use. There’s no gimmick. The FUJIFILM X100VI is just fun to pick up, use and experience.”