02.20.2024 Thomas B. Jones

X100VI: Timeless Value x Thomas B. Jones

Thomas B. Jones

Thomas B. Jones is a German/American photographer specialized in portrait and documentary photography. He has a sincere passion for photography and everything that comes with it: meeting interesting people, exploring exciting places und capturing otherwise fleeting moments. He likes to keep things simple in his life and his photography, as he finds it always yields the best results with the least amount of stress.

He works with various magazines and agencies in design, corporate publishing and advertising. In addition to portraits and corporate photography, he also creates photography for annual reports, customer magazines and business magazines.

Timeless Value

The world is turning faster and faster. Everything seems to change in a matter of seconds and it’s hard to stop. It is so important to stop sometimes to enjoy the little moments in life and, if possible, to capture them in pictures. Because it’s exactly these little moments in life that can put a smile on our faces, amaze us or inspire us, not just once, but as often as we want.

I want to capture these precious moments in my life. Be it my son’s laughter as he runs through the first snow, the play of light in the snow-covered branches or meeting people I’ve never met before. All these moments have a special magic that I want to capture for myself and others. In this way, the fleeting becomes everlasting.


Photography, reduced to the essential

As a professional photographer, I have a wide range of cameras, lenses and tools at my disposal that I work with every day. That’s why I’ve always wanted a camera that I can have with me at all times.

The cameras in the X100 series have been with me for over ten years now. For me, these cameras have become indispensable everyday companions with which I capture the world around me. The minimalist design and understated aesthetics of the X100VI fascinate me because it allows me to concentrate fully on the moment. Its unobtrusive appearance inspires me every time I pick it up.

Large cameras and lenses often push themselves into the foreground, take up space, draw attention to themselves, distract people in front of the camera and make it impossible to capture unposed, authentic moments.

This is precisely why I appreciate the X100VI so much. The camera is discreet, it never intrudes and never disturbs the connection between me and the people in front of my lens. If it is noticed at all, it tends to be the topic of conversation and enables me to get in touch with people.


Portraits on the streets

I love street photography, especially because of the authentic and candid moments I can capture. The photos tell everyday stories, they capture the changes we are going through as a society in pictures. However, it is also important to me to engage in dialogue with people. To find out more about them and their story. Every person is unique, with a wealth of experiences, thoughts and feelings that characterize their personality. With a spontaneous portrait, I try to capture all of this in a photo without words.

The unobtrusive X100VI is not only the perfect camera for street photography, but with its 23mm focal length it is also ideal for atmospheric portraits. With the 40-megapixel sensor, the integrated image stabilizer, scene recognition based on deep learning technology and the fast autofocus, I can take detailed shots in any situation. This allows me to concentrate fully on the essentials when taking photos: capturing the perfect moment.


Moments for eternity

As a professional photographer, you should not forget that photography is also a passion and a hobby. When I travel with my family and friends, the focus is on the experiences – the laughter, the surprises and even the little mishaps that make our adventures special. Photography has taught me to be present, to look at the world with a keen eye and to appreciate and capture the beauty of the everyday.

The camera is my constant companion, a tool that helps me capture the fleeting moment. Be it the laughter of children, a spontaneous barbecue party in the deep snow or the warm light of the evening sun reflected on the faces of my loved ones – it’s all worth capturing.

Ultimately, it is photography’s magical ability to freeze moments in time that makes it irreplaceable.