FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner updated to Ver.1.2.0

Adding the ability to generate 100MP images in accurate colors and detect flawed images during the process of image generation

To our customers

TOKYO, April 22nd, 2021 – FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce the version update of the “FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner” (Pixel Shift Combiner), software that supports the “Pixel Shift Multi-Shot” function available in the FUJIFILM GFX100(GFX100) and FUJIFILM GFX100S (GFX100S) to generate unparalleled high-resolution images with accurate color reproduction.

 Generally, an image sensor records only one of three colors, red (R), green (G) or blue (B) within a pixel. The information about the other two colors is estimated and complemented based on data from surrounding pixels. The Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function automatically takes images while shifting the camera’s image sensor to record information about all three colors for each of its pixels, thereby allowing color reproduction that completely eliminates false colors (=Accurate Colors).
 The latest software version 1.2.0 adds a new “Accurate Colors” option to produce 100MP image with no false colors, in addition to the existing function of generating ultra-high 400MP resolution images in Accurate Colors.
Another addition is the function to automatically detect an error when images cannot be correctly combined due to camera shake, etc. that occurred during photo shooting. The ability to detect flawed images before the completion of image generation is expected to speed up photographers’ workflow.*1

 A further new function of the update enables enlarged viewing of combined RAW images for checking details. This means users can visually check details of combined RAW images inside the Pixel Shift Combiner before processing them in RAW developing software. In other words, workflow steps up to checking combined images can be completed within the Pixel Shift Combiner.

*1This function does not detect flawed images at 100% accuracy.

Software version: Pixel Shift Combiner (Ver.1.2.0)

1.    Option of creating 100MP Accurate Colors images in addition to 400MP images

Users can choose between “High resolution + Accurate Colors” and the new “Accurate Colors” option according to their preference.

・”High resolution + Accurate Colors” option
This option uses the processes shown in 1) and 2) below to generate 400MP images in Accurate Colors.

・”Accurate Colors” option
This option uses the process 1) only to generate 100MP images in Accurate Colors.

【Image-generating processes】
1)  In order to record accurate RGB information with all pixels, the function shifts its image sensor by the size of one pixel and shoots four frames.

2) The function repeats the process 1) four times while shifting the image sensor by the size of half a pixel to achieve four times the original resolution.

2.   Detecting flawed images during image generation

The Pixel Shift Combiner detects image flaws, caused by vibrations, etc. during photo shooting, and displays an alert during image generation.

3. New “enlarged view” function for checking generated images

Users can double-click on a job that has been processed in the Job List to see an enlarged view of the generated image, making it easy to visually check whether each of the jobs is a success or not.

・Enlarged view of a RAW image affected by a camera shake that occurred during shooting (with an alert)

・Enlarged view of a RAW image that did not have any camera shake during shooting (no alert)

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