22.08.2017 FUJIFILM

X100F and the X100 Camera System

The X100F is a fixed lens camera that can also work as a system camera. The camera can utilize its specifically designed wide and tele conversion lenses for further reach and dynamism.

The X100F has a digital teleconverter function that the previous models do not. With this feature, the camera is now capable of shooting at seven different angles of view: 28mm, 35mm, 41mm, 50mm, 58mm, 70mm, and 100mm (all 35mm equivalent). One can definitely shoot a job with the X100F and get the job done. It depends on the type of photography that one does, but much of photography could be completed without going beyond focal length longer than 100mm or wider than 28mm.

The broader range of focal length is not the only reason to use X100F as your main camera. In addition, the camera uses leaf shutter. You can watch the video by Kiriako Latridis as he covers the topic in depth. If you want to shoot at various angles of view with a leaf shutter, the X100F is the most affordable choice.

There is another major advantage of leaf shutter in addition to flash photography.
Thanks to the shutter mechanism, the X100 Series is fast and quiet.
The small and lightweight blade aperture diaphragms open and close inside the lens. It barely makes any noise – it’s likely that the photographer is the only one to notice the sound. Also, once you press the shutter button, the shutter immediately responds. The shutter time lag is only 0.01 sec – a feat that is not possible with a focal plane shutter. Quietness and mobility are the secret weapons for the street photography. It gets even better when one can create images at various angles of views.

The limitation with previous models is that setting up the conversion lenses is not straight-forward. You could used the conversion lenses without going deep in the menu, but in order to get the best outcome of the conversion lens, one should go into the menu and change the setting so that the camera optimizes to the changes in optics.
Along with the X100F came the 2nd generation of X100 conversion lenses: WCL-X100 II and TCL-X100 II. With the built-in magnet and sensor, the camera automatically recognizes the new conversion lenses when attached.
You no longer have to worry about the different sizes of bright frame or non-matching EXIF as result of forgetting to change the menu setting. All you need to do now is to attach the conversion lens to the camera.

How do you like the idea of using X100F as a system camera? You may still prefer the usual interchangeable lens camera system.

It’s all good. The X100F will find its place in any kind of system. The X100 outshines the rest in specific photographic genres. To top it all off, the camera is compact and discreet.

The X100F can be a main or sub, depending on your needs. This camera is like no other.