06.04.2020 Romain Laurendeau

Meet up with Romain Laurendeau - 2020 World Press Photo Awards Winner

Romain Laurendeau

Romain learned photography at the ETPA, in Toulouse, the town where he still lives. He recovered from a disease that almost made him blind; his strength may come from that. In 2009, a corneal transplantation saved his sight and his life; with photography, he felt he was reborn. Since then, he has been constantly documenting the world and has also been working on corporate assignments and with artist residencies now and then.
He considers photography as a global medium. Whether he asks artistic questions or feels like telling stories about others and the world, his approach remains the same. He will always try to build and develop his photographic vision, which he wants to be as personal as possible. 

Romain Laurendeau from France won the Photo Story of the Year in 2020 Word Press Photo Contest with the images taken on X100F.

Fujifilm recently had an opportunity to interview Romain and asked about the winning images and his use of X Series gears.