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Javier Abad (Spain)

Mieres, Asturias, 1975 He started to become interested in photography just before starting to study for his Chemistry Degree. He took his first photographs in different editions of the university yearbook, but he soon realized that what he really wanted to do was action sport photography, after many years of dedication to such sports, and in particular, snowboarding. Between 1999 and 2010 he worked as a freelance photographer for most national publications from the sector, such as Surfer Rule, Solo Nive, Solo Snowboard or Snow Planet and for other international publications such as Skiing or Playboard. He also worked for the following brands: Nike ACG, Quiksilver, Nitro Snowboards and public entities, including the Principality of Asturias. From 2006 to 2009 he started to work as a photographic editor for the publication Spotmag. In February 2007 he joined the photographer group Cazadores de Luz, in which he and his colleagues published two books, “Cazadores de Luz: Las mejores fotografías de los grandes fotógrafos españoles” National Geographic/RBA with a foreword by Steve McCurry and “Cazadores de Luz: Secretos y Técnicas” Alameda Editorial.


When the Fujifilm XT1 was first launched, I knew that I would have to try it sooner or later. Through Andrés Parro from Unionwep, I contacted Fujifilm Spain and in November 2014 they gave me a camera to try. In February 2015, I gave a talk entitled “My experience with the XT1” during the BodaF Europe 2015 Congress. From then on, I decided to change my equipment and work only with 2 XT1 bodies and Fujinon XF 23mm, 35mm 1.4 and 56mm 1.2 During the whole of 2015 I took photographs with this equipment at 31 weddings, and I was able to test its capacity to the full During the year I received many queries about the X system from my colleagues and so at the beginning of 2016 I decided to write a summary of my experience with the X system, called “¿Es válida la XT1 para una boda? Pruebas, dudas y respuestas con boda completa”. It was published in February 2016 in the uniowep blog, which is read by most of the trend-setting wedding photographers in Spain. I also published the same text in my website, translated into English. In my opinion, the main advantages of the XT1 are: - its weight - the electronic viewer - the folding screen - its discretion/ low noise level - the optical quality and compactness of its lenses Aspects that could be improved. - the focus - the joystick - the life of the battery - ISO I will continue to use cameras from the X series in 2016 as I cannot imagine going back to a reflex camera after working for an entire year with the XT1.