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As a mom of two, Julie Paisley places huge value on using photography to celebrate the everyday experiences she shares with her kids. “I was a teacher before I was a photographer and I’ve always looked for ways to make every day amazing,” she tells us, “like jumping on the bed and eating doughnuts and full-out belly laughs. These are memories that are near and dear to my heart.” 


So, when Julie began using FUJIFILM X100V, she knew straightaway that it was the ideal camera for her. “The first thing I thought when I picked up the camera is that it was perfect for the everyday mom!” she beams. “Moms already have so many things to carry, like diaper bags, toys, and strollers, so having a small camera that can easily fit into a bag or purse is perfect! We want to capture our children every day and this is the perfect camera to always have with us,” she explains.

The thing she loved the most about the camera was its fantastic simplicity, which helped her to focus on the image, rather than the settings. “I found myself not having to think, so I could just be in the moment and frame it while it was happening,” says Julie. “Auto Mode is spot on; the images are beautiful. Also, the phase detection autofocus is perfection – it had no issues keeping up with fast-moving kids, even at F2,” she enthuses.


Another aspect of the camera that helped create remarkable results with minimum effort was Fujifilm’s unique selection of Film Simulation modes, which allow users to add timeless effects to their images. “The colors straight out of camera are so true, and with the Film Simulation modes, you can shoot JPEG and don’t even need to edit,” she remarks, adding: “X100V is small but mighty and will always be with me!”  


Not only did the camera’s awesome functionality make creating images a pleasure, but its unobtrusive size helped to make sure the moments she captured were as natural as possible. “I found that when I brought out this smaller camera, the children I was shooting didn’t even notice it,” she explains. “They didn’t stop and pose, they played, and seemed so much more natural!”


This natural feeling can be seen in two of Julie’s favorite images from the set. “I love the jumping on the bed photo,” she smiles. “Capturing the real laughter and joy of something this simple just screams childhood and images that mom will cherish forever.


“Another favorite is the one with the little girl and the doughnuts over her eyes,” she continues. “It shows the playfulness of a child, the way they see the world. I also love the bright colors and just the pure happiness. Every mom would love to have a camera that is not intrusive and is easily accessible for framing these memories.”

In addition to her personal life, X100V is also a perfect fit for Julie’s everyday life as a professional photographer. “I travel a lot and I like to always have a camera with me. X100V is perfect for that,” she explains. “It can fit into the smallest purse and it’s easy to use – you don’t even have to think! My work camera requires me to think a lot about settings and can therefore keep me from capturing the quick little in-between moments. But with X100V, you can switch it to Auto Mode and you are good to go!”


For Julie, making the everyday remarkable is all about living life to the fullest by travelling, spending time with the ones we love, and having fun. To celebrate this, she needs a camera that is portable and easy to use, but can still produce clear, clean images. She thinks she has found that in X100V.


“It’s my new favorite camera. It will never leave my bag! It is so lightweight, easy to use, and the quality of the photos is amazing, too,” she reveals, concluding that X100V is the perfect camera for everyone, whether you’re a mom, a student, a traveler, or a pro photographer. “You don’t have to be a professional to use X100V, but as a professional, I will use it in both my everyday life and my career.”


X100V is now available to buy across the USA. Read the full specifications here, or contact your nearest FUJIFILM Authorized Dealer.

It can fit into the smallest purse and it’s easy to use – you don’t even have to think!

About The Photographer

Julie Paisley is a destination photographer and educator based in the USA. After spending her early career as a teacher, Julie places huge value on creating genuine images that communicate authenticity, but most of all convey feeling.



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