03.06.2024 Rammy Narula

X100VI: Rammy Narula x Timeless Value

Rammy Narula

Rammy Narula is a Bangkok-based photographer with a passion for learning and exploring. He often credits photography for being his lifeline, allowing him to find meaning as well as a sense of purpose. In 2016, his photobook “Platform 10”, a project shot on a single platform at the Bangkok Central Train Station, was published by Peanut Press, a publishing house in New York City. A member of Street Photo Thailand and the international photography collective Burn My Eye, Rammy continues to challenge himself to evolve and find new ways to communicate and connect with others. He mentors several workshops each year and is also regularly invited to speak about his work inspiring people to discover more about themselves through the art of photography.

It took me a few weeks to finally sit down to write this article after I completed the behind-the-scene video with the camera and submitted it to Fujifilm. I suppose I was waiting for the experience to sink in before I can let the words come out.

Here’s an important disclaimer: I’m not super technical so please do not expect a technical-heavy review. It’s more about how I feel about the camera and how it lets me work in ways I most enjoy working. Which I will say now even before we get into that it delivered wonderfully and will easily become my camera of choice for the foreseeable future.


The design and the legacy of X100

I first started using the X100 series back in 2013 when the X100S came out and have also used every iteration of it since. I’ve always loved the versatility of the camera and how discreet it is. It’s a small and lightweight camera with beautiful design, and I began taking it everywhere becoming very attached to it in the process.

I wanted to start with that detail because when I received the X100VI I felt relaxed and happy that I wasn’t going to have to relearn how to use a camera in a short time. There’s an unmistaken sense of continuity in the dial and functional design, and I could just get to work with it. And got to work I did.


We can’t talk about Fujifilm without talking about the Film Simulation

One of the biggest reasons I fell in love with Fujifilm was the Film Simulations feature, and with the X100VI there is a new simulation called REALA ACE. It didn’t take a long time to decide to stick with this new Film Simulation. The colors are beautiful and vivid. It does spectacularly well in high contrast / strong shadows situations which is usually my favorite condition to shoot.

I spent a few weeks walking up and down Bangkok’s central business district area on Sukhumvit Road with the X100VI. We had beautiful light this past December and January and I almost didn’t want to stop shooting each day I was outside. For consistency I opted to shoot mostly in the morning and picking out spots under the Sky Train stations to make my pictures. The contrast of light and shadows really drew me in and provided a great condition to test the camera.

I have been shooting in this part of Bangkok regularly for a while now starting in 2022 using different cameras, but I will definitely be sticking with X100VI to make pictures here going forward.


The improved performance and results

The camera design may offer a sense of familiarity but make no mistake the X100 series continues to surprise given its size and weight, and the X100VI definitely takes it to another level. The images are noticeably crispier with the new 40MP sensor. And with the newly introduced IBIS, the handling in low light situation is also trustworthy and reliable.

The performance on this camera surprised me in many situations where I would have previously struggled. The ability to shoot more reliably in low light conditions came as a big bonus for a shadow-chasing photographer like me in particular.


The right tool for the right job

When choosing a camera it’s extremely important to choose the right tool especially when you know what to use it for. I’ve always been able to use the X100 series in a variety of situations and this remains the case with the X100VI.

Though you will only see street photographs in the behind-the-scene video and this review, I also used the camera for family photos as well as traveling with it. The fact that I can use it in several different situations makes it an easy choice to pick up the camera on the go and I’ve essentially been leaving other cameras at home.


An easy win

I believe the X100VI is an easy win for photography enthusiasts. A camera that is simple to use and offers the classic way of making pictures through the viewfinder. The experience of using the X100VI is one that is hard to beat and it will be easy to recommend this to anyone in the market for a new camera.