08.10.2015 FUJIFILM

The History of FUJINON episode7

In 1994, FUJINON completed 10 lenses for CM FUJINON series, which were the last addition for the large format lens lineup.
The FUJINON large format lens finally saw its complete form that was realized through the 40 years of technological advancement since its first release in 1951. It also marked one of the final reaching point for the highest image quality that the professional had always sought for.
As we have mentioned in the past posts, there were the advancement in lens designing, the development of aspherical lens, ED glass lens, and new glass materials, and the breakthrough in the coating technology that shaped the final form.
The final FUJINON large format lens was named “CM”. It meant “Commercial,” as they were intended for the commercial photo shoot for the professionals to do professional their job.