10.03.2016 FUJIFILM

Photokina 2016 Wrap-up

Photokina2016 is over.
We’ve had many people visit our booth, but there are also many people who couldn’t make it to Photokina. So with this post, we would like to report what happened at FUJIFILM booth in Photokina.

Press Conference

As you already know, the development announcement of GFX was made at the conference hall in Koelnmesse on September 19th, one day prior to the opening of Photokina. The prototype camera and lenses were introduced to over 350 media that had attended the press conference.
You can learn the detail of the press conference on the previous post.

Fujifilm booth @Photokina 2016

Touch & Try

The exhibition at Touch & Try was produced by AMKK led by Azuma Makoto, a flower artist known for his creative works not only in Japan but also in France and other parts of Europe. The metal frame, which was essential for the display, was made by KONTECH, a company based in Germany. The Collaboration of Germany and Japan added gorgeousness to the FUJIFILM booth.

Live Talk & Studio Demo

Total of 24 photographers from Germany and rest of the world got on stage at FUJIFILM booth. All 71 stages attracted many attendees and ended in excitement. It is pointless for us to talk on the photographers’ message and technique. We will showcase some of the footages in near future, so stay tuned.

Product Display

In addition to GFX, which was announced prior to the opening of Photokina, the prototypes of XF50mmF2 and XF80mmF2.8  were also exhibited to the public for the first time. These are planned to be exhibited at other photographic show that is taking place in rest of the world.

Quick Maintenance Service

This has become a regular in FUJIFILM booth. Many existing X Users are eager to take their gears to the counter for a quick checkup. The non-X Users got their first-hand experience with the free loan program.


Photowalk led by five X-Photographers took place on September 25th, and the participants walked around Cologne to take shots. The X-Photographers who took stage on Live Talks and Studio Demos also joined the walk. The participants have the chance to enter the photo contest with the photos that they took on that day. Who will win the grand prize of X-T2?

Gallery X

Gallery X is located on the first floor of FUJIFILM Headquarters in Tokyo, and the gallery also opened in Photokina for the course of 6 days. It was only for a limited time, but we do not compromise on the quality. We used FUJIFILM photographic paper, and we also looked into every detail of the print, frame and installation.
Germany claims to be the birthplace of photography. (France also makes its claim, and the two often get into an argument over this.) In fact there are many museums and galleries that are specialized in photography. There are also many laboratory to support the art and all are very highly skilled. FUJIFILM decided to collaborate with HSL Fachlabor GmbH and Saal Digital Fotoservice GmbH for the gallery. If you want quality print and frame, look no further. Get in touch with them. Upon seeing the gallery, you will be reminded that “Photography is only complete when in print.”

Photokina is “Photo”kina and not “Camera”kina.  “Photography” is at its core and the event is for the “Photography” fans.
Next one is in 2018. What kind of “Photography” will FUJIFILM bring to the table then? Stay tuned.