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On the Road with the X-T30: On Set in LA with Tehillah De Castro

VIDEOGRAPHER: Tehillah De Castro
BASED IN: California, USA
KNOWN FOR: Narrative films, music videos, and commercials


Tehillah De Castro is an innovative cinematographer and director of photography based in the USA who has produced a range of narrative films, music videos, and commercials for a wide variety of top brands and artists. For the next stop On the Road with the X-T30, we caught up with Tehillah in LA, where she has been putting the FUJIFILM X-T30 to the test on set. Take a look behind the scenes with the video above!

Following previous experience using the FUJIFILM X-T30 for pre-production, Tehillah was so impressed with its video capabilities that, this time, she wanted to give it a more prominent role. “I have been using the X-T30 for prep before production, but more recently I’ve been wanting to see how it would perform as a main camera,” she says.

“The thing I liked most about the X-T30 is how the color rendition performed. It made me excited about what I can do in post – and what a colorist can do with the actual image,” continues Tehillah, who loved the camera’s unique portability on set. “The camera is very lightweight and whenever I did handheld movements, I was able to just add on weight. I think it’s better to have a camera body that is light and mobile, rather than something that’s heavy where you have to figure out how lightweight you can make your accessories.”

The freedom that such a lightweight camera allows perfectly complements Tehillah’s aim of creating innovative pictures – an intent that becomes clear when hearing about her inspiration as a cinematographer. “I think the legacies I’ve been inspired by are the ones that are fearless,” she tells us. “I think when you watch cinematographers’ work – like Freddie Young, Rachel Morrison, Matthew Libatique, or Robert Elswit – you can tell they were fearless in their approach and how they created their visuals. I think that’s something more cinematographers should try to accomplish.”

In addition to the camera’s portability, there are a number of other factors Tehillah considers important in the creation of moving images. These include dynamic range, the ability to shoot in F-Log, and the option of a variety of different resolutions. With the X-T30 delivering a high level of performance on all these fronts, it makes the ideal companion for any artist looking to make future-proof video.

When it comes to leaving a legacy, Tehillah feels it is about making yourself heard and playing a part in shaping the work of future generations. “To me, legacy means leaving behind a specific and curated voice that can inspire and push the boundaries of the filmmaking community,” she tells us, going into more detail about using cinematography as a form of personal expression. “It’s a way for me to express my voice as an individual,” she explains. “I have certain experiences that kind of help shape what I see and view. To be able to use visuals as a platform and, honestly, as a career is something I really value.”

As a professional in the business, she feels a certain responsibility to maintain this individuality, despite changes in equipment and techniques. She says: “In such a rapidly changing world I do feel a responsibility to make images that are more authentic and representative of me. I want to keep making images that have a specific voice and emote tangible feelings, and I hope I’ll continue to do so despite the different tools I have.”

In fact, Tehillah feels that this very notion is a big reason why the X-T30 is so perfect for creating your own legacy. “It’s another tool for cinematographers to use that opens up an avenue for being fearless with its new features,” she says, concluding that Fujifilm’s constant innovation and versatility has created a photographic device that will stand the test of time. “The way that Fujifilm wants to keep advancing its cameras has created another limitless platform for achieving a specific look for any project you want to do.”

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Tehillah De Castro is a compensated FUJIFILM X-Photographer.
To see more of Tehillah’s work, visit her website.