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Six Techniques For Speedlight Mastery

A photographer’s first steps into flash can be daunting, but once the basics have been unlocked, you’ll find a whole new world of creativity at your fingertips

Photography is all about light. It’s the key ingredient of every gorgeous image that’s ever been made – but working with what’s readily available is only half the story. Where would many portrait, product, street, and lifestyle photographers be without the trusted speedlight?

Utilizing flash can seem complex, but with a basic level of guidance, it’s much more approachable than you might expect. Once the essentials are mastered, it’s a powerful creative tool that can completely revolutionize the look of your images.

This eBook focuses on the Profoto A1X for Fujifilm, as used by six X-Photographers across a range of genres. You’ll pick up more than a handful of must-know techniques with detailed notes, designed to help you create professionally lit photographs.

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