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GF55mmF1.7 R WR: Key Features Explained

Learn about FUJINON GF55mmF1.7 R WR’s key features and the advantages it brings to photographers and videographers

FUJINON GF55mmF1.7 R WR is a fast standard prime lens that brings a natural field of view to the GF Lens lineup. Professional photographers and filmmakers from a variety of genres will be interested in this lens’ versatile focal length, wide aperture, portability, and durability.

Read on to learn more about GF55mmF1.7 R WR, understand its key features, and discover what it brings to the high-resolution FUJIFILM GFX System.

GF55mmF1.7 Focal Length

The focal length of GF55mmF1.7 R WR has a 35mm equivalent of 44mm, resulting in a standard lens with an angle of view very close to that of the human eye.

When such a versatile focal length is combined with a high-resolution GFX System camera, the resulting setup can excel in a variety of cinematic applications and photographic genres, including wedding, documentary, portrait, landscape, and many more.

Photo 2023 © Ryan Tuttle

GF55mmF1.7 Aperture

GF55mmF1.7 R WR features the widest maximum aperture in the GF Lens lineup. At F1.7, this fast standard prime provides additional freedom to image makers when creating handheld or in low-light conditions, making it particularly useful for wedding photographers and videographers documenting evening receptions, or street photographers creating after dark.

Furthermore, it is the first GF Lens to use 11 rounded diaphragm blades. This means the aperture forms a circle that is almost perfectly smooth, even as wide as F4. The result is tidy edges on highlights and impressive bokeh for dreamy out-of-focus backgrounds – further complemented by the large format GFX sensor.

GF55mmF1.7 Image Quality

GF55mmF1.7 R WR is designed to provide resolving power exceeding that required to work with the ultra-high-resolution cameras in the GFX System, with minimum aberrations.

Not only is the lens constructed using two aspherical and two extra-low dispersion (ED) elements, but the aperture moves in concert with the front and back lens groups to maintain axial chromatic aberration correction throughout the focus range.

This precision design ensures the lens delivers maximum sharpness, pleasing contrast, and accurate color tones right across the frame, along with remarkable subject separation at wide apertures.

Photo 2023 © Ryan Tuttle

GF55mmF1.7 Autofocus

The autofocus (AF) mechanism inside GF55mmF1.7 R WR has been designed to provide high speed, low noise, and complete accuracy. Lens groups are driven by a powerful DC motor for maximum speed and precision, with minimum vibrations.

This cutting-edge technology is optimized to work seamlessly with the advanced subject detection AF systems inside GFX System cameras to provide photographers and videographers with a dependable focusing tool.

Photo 2023 © Ryan Tuttle

GF55mmF1.7 Size, Weight, and Weather-Resistance

GF55mmF1.7 R WR is approximately 3.9 inches (99.3mm) long and weighs 27.5oz (780g). With such a compact, lightweight design, it is easy to see why this lens is so popular with creatives on the move who cannot compromise on the quality achievable from a larger format system.

Additionally, the lens’s weather-resistance offers protection from dust, rain, and temperatures below freezing, making GF55mmF1.7 R WR suitable for even the most extreme conditions.

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