Bo-Cheng Liu (Taiwan)

Photo taking became my hobby around the year of 2012 which happened to be the first year of my college life. My shooting subjects are fairly wide, including landscape, urban space, street, travel. Currently studying in the subject of sociology mainly in the form of a photographic project about urban space and family. Having both biological and sociological backgrounds makes me plenty with interests in nature and social culture at the same time.
I have traveled in many countries including Australia, Canada, US, UK, Poland, Netherlands, France. Use photography to match text records or even add video clips to write articles to share culture, experience and feelings. I hope to become a social artist and travel writer in the future. Not only to record, spread, social and environmental issues, but also to share the beautiful pictures to everyone.


X Series is the most lightweight and portable splendid photo-taking gear I have ever used which is quite ideal for travel or street photography. Expanding my using experience from X-T1 to X-T20, I can clearly feel the changes brought by the technological progress. After Fujifilm began to focus on video functions, the camera's functions are more complete and convenient. Moreover, the quality of images is absolutely great which can handle all occasions where it is needed. Upon the upgrade of the firmware system, it also gives the user with considerable benefits. There are often very large functional updates that allow the camera's life cycle to be extended again. The reliability, portability, and usability of the gear made me look forward to use both X-T20 and X-Pro2 in the future.


  • X-T20