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Justin Black

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Justin Black (b. 1973) is a photographer, writer, and explorer from Washington, DC. A leader in his field, his photographs of the world’s high and wild places have been published widely and featured in numerous exhibitions around the U.S. and abroad, from the UK and Germany to Los Angeles and the United States Capitol. Several exhibitions of his work have been hosted at Mountain Light Gallery in California, founded by world-renowned adventure photographer Galen Rowell.

Visionary Wild

Location Workshops for the Passionate Photographer

Travel around the world with Justin and learn how to create images that will encapsulate the essence of the location and the beauty of the moment.

Educational Resources

For Aspiring Nature and Landscape Photographers

Reach into the well of inspiration with these additional resources and give a spark to your creativity.

Instructional Videos

A video library of tips and tricks

Learn to see and visualize images with Justin through this ongoing series of educational videos.