20.09.2022 Jan Gonzales

X-H2: Fine art x Jan Gonzales

Jan Gonzales

Based in Cebu, Philippines. An hour plane ride from the capital city of Manila. 1995 was the year I started photography. I'm self-taught, I do all post production and retouching of my photos. I usually photograph people for commercial and for my personal portfolio. Patience, experiment and experience create great photos.


Resolution and Speed

The X-H2 is yet the best X series camera I have ever used to date. First that impressed me the most is the resolution and speed. The new 40MP X-Trans sensor captures light and renders the color beautifully. Though it is new technology, the Fujifilm feel is very much present in this system. The 7-stop IBIS made the whole user experience so much better specially in low light situations where dragging the shutter speed is required. The technology is very well implemented. I am very confident shooting handheld in low-light situations. With these technology in place, the pixel shift capability is another great option to get even more resolution (160MP) in this setup and that is just outstanding for a small format system. Given the resolution, I am amazed on how fast the camera response is. The auto focus is just blazing fast and accurate. With eye tracking on, the focus follows the eyes in real time. It is just fire and forget. All of these things wouldn’t be possible without the new x-processor. It is doing a tremendous job processing its task and doing it pretty well that enabled me to capture images flawlessly.


The ergonomics of the X-H2 fits my style. I love how it perfectly fit in my hand. The grip is just right even on a single hand operation. The buttons are placed very well, all in thumbs reach. In front, I love the dedicated record button near the shutter and YES, D-PAD is still present!

With the battery hand grip installed, the camera looks even more beefier and balanced. The vari-angle touchscreen screen is super hires and very convenient specially on a single person operation.

Tethered Shooting

With the battery grip on, wireless tethering is another feature I love about this system. On the tests that I have made, it takes roughly 10-12 seconds to transfer both full resolution RAW and Super Fine .jpg to the computer. For the files and the size, it is decent fast. For an even faster transfer, USB Type C for wired tethering is also an option.

XF56mmF1.2 II


As a portrait photographer, the 56mm on APS-C or 85mm eq to full frame is the ideal focal range due to minimal to no distortion of the subject, while still on a good distance to create a connection resulting to capture flattering portraits.

Lens Characteristics

I am really impressed with the new XF56mmF1.2 II lens. it is tack sharp wide open, resolves color and details perfectly with the new 40 MP sensor of the X-H2 and focuses faster than the predecessor.

Another thing that I love about the new XF56mmF1.2 II is the shorter focusing distance. I am now able to shoot my portraits even closer to my subjects and get more detail shots without changing lenses. The transition from the focal point to the sides is very smooth, rendering a very good transition from a sharp focal point to a creamy bokeh on the sides.

The autofocus on the new XF56mmF1.2 II is super-fast, even in low light shooting situation. It’s a night and day difference compared to the 56Mark1. But not only that, the focus is super accurate.

The bokeh of the new XF56mmF1.2 II is just outstanding. It is super smooth with less aberration. I would say better than the APD version without losing a stop.

Weather resistance (WR) lens is another thing that gives benefit to most photographers. This means you can take it anywhere, even on unfavorable shooting conditions. For me, it’s just one less thing to worry about and just focus on creating.

Size Comparison

If we talk about the size, the XF56mmF1.2 II is literally a fraction of the size compared to the other brands on the same focal length, it is both smaller and a lot lighter. Perfect for shooting portraits on the go. It’s the best in its class.


The XF56mF1.2 R WR paired with the 40MP X-H2 is a match made in heaven. A camera that has a very high resolution sensor and a lens that can resolve both color and details of the full 40MP resolution beautifully on a light weight gear. It’s like, camera and lens working hand in hand to give the photographer the best user experience, like fast accurate focusing, to never miss that moment or that expression. This is by far, the best small format system that has the speed, resolution and the best color rendition.