Cat Ekkelboom-White (Austria)

Cat is an award-winning adventure wedding and elopement photographer. Born in England, Cat now lives in Innsbruck in the Austrian Alps where she has combined her passion for the outdoors with her love of wedding photography to create “Wild Connections Photography”, a niche adventure wedding & elopement brand for couples looking for a wedding day with a difference.

During the summer months, Cat travels across the Alps & the Dolomites, hiking and climbing, sometimes for multiple days, with her adventurous couples, and capturing every step of their adventure.

Her previous qualifications as a ski and snowboard instructor come in handy in the winter months, where she joins couples on the pistes for ski and snowboard weddings.

Her breathtakingly vivid images inspire the feeling of adventure by capturing the beauty of the natural environment as well as the connection between the couples she photographs.

I picked up my first Fujifilm camera when I wanted a smaller camera to take on my own personal hiking and climbing adventures. I wanted something smaller and lighter than a DSLR but didn’t want to compromise on quality. I picked up an X-T2 and quickly fell in love with it. It was so easy to use and being very active, the smaller size and weight really encouraged me to take it on more trips where I wouldn’t have taken a camera because I didn’t have the space in my pack for a DSLR. Slowly, I started to collect more lenses so that my X-T2 could also be my backup camera at weddings, but I found myself wanting to shoot it as my primary camera, as it was so easy and fun to shoot.

As I started to rebrand my business and was doing more adventurous weddings, the lighter Fujifilm camera and lenses made my job so much easier. I picked up an X-H1 as my second body and started shooting only on Fujifilm. I was able to take my full wedding setup (two bodies and 3-4 lenses) for a fraction of the size and weight of my DSLR kit. And when you are hiking for hours or skiing with all your gear in a rucksack, it makes a huge difference.

When the X-T3 was announced, I replaced my X-T2 & X-H1 setup with two X-T3 bodies. They are light, fast and the AF-C is especially good, which has allowed me to up my game even more this year with epic portraits as well as great action shots of my couples.

Cat Ekkelboom-White (Austria)Winter Weddings
Cat Ekkelboom-White (Austria)
Winter Weddings
Cat Ekkelboom-White (Austria)Travel & Adventure Photography
Cat Ekkelboom-White (Austria)
Travel & Adventure Photography
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Cat Ekkelboom-White (Austria)
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Cat Ekkelboom-White (Austria)
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