Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function

When nothing but the best will do, GFX50S II rises to the challenge. Its Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function combines 16 RAW files to create a single 200MP image, reproducing the finest details with ultimate color accuracy. Multi-Shot photos are created by moving the imaging sensor to record red, green, and blue data from every pixel. This results in unparalleled color reproduction with minimal false color – perfect for archiving works of art, preserving cultural assets, or for any application that requires perfect color fidelity and sumptuous detail.

Six Types of Bracketing

On GFX50S II, six types of bracketing mode are available to capture multiple frames at different settings, with a single press of the shutter release. This function works with both JPEG and RAW formats, and includes Auto Exposure Bracketing, Focus Bracketing, Film Simulation Bracketing and more.

AE Bracketing(2/3/5/7/9frames)
1/3EV step, up to ±3EV step
Film Simulation Bracketing
Any 3 types of film simulation selectable
Dynamic Range Bracketing
ISO sensitivity Bracketing
White Balance Bracketing
Focus Bracketing

Interval Timer Shooting

Sample unique shooting styles – including fixed-point photography, time lapse and self-timer images – with control over shooting interval, total number of frames, and shutter delay. Set an interval between 1 sec and 24 hours for shooting one to infinity frames, or as much as card capacity allows.

Shooting Interval
1sec. –24 hours
Number of Frames
1 –999 + ∞
Shutter Delay
In 0min. –24 hours

Multi Exposure Mode

GFX50S II can merge up to nine frames in Additive, Average, Comparative Bright, or Comparative Dark modes – combining images taken from multiple viewpoints, or at different times, into a single image. Apply different Film Simulations to each of the frames – and paste color fragments on to monochrome pictures to create a multi-layered collage.

Self Timer

The Self Timer function can be set at 2 secs or 10 secs. It helps to ensure critical sharpness, useful when recording landscapes, architecture and long exposures.

Full HD Video

Videographers can take full advantage of Fujifilm’s renowned color science, too. GFX 50S II supports Full HD video recording (1920×1080, 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p, 50 Mbps) and offers 19 different Film Simulations to add your own distinctive look to footage. This includes ETERNA – the motion picture film stock used in many movie masterpieces.

Wireless Connectivity

Install the free FUJIFILM Camera Remote app on a smartphone or tablet to carry out a location data search, remotely control the camera, and transfer or view in-camera images, all without having to enter a password. This functionality is also useful when shooting landscapes with the camera mounted on a tripod.