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24.11.2016 Hai Tre

"Daily life" photography by Hai Tre

Street life and documentary are always the most interesting concepts that capture all my attention. The pictures are mean to tell my story: the routes I have passed, the people that came along my journey and the remarkable events that ever happened in my life.

Pure nature is my priority. My pictures will then turn into my own Diary, and when that day comes, I will be glad to feel like the first time I ever saw them with the naked eyes.
Half of my “Diary” has been completed so far and accompanied by priceless help from different cameras, or “assistants”, as I always call them that way.

The FUJIFILM X-T2 with its elegant compact body will be the loyal companion to make daily-life photography more friendly and easier than ever.
The most recent features of the Fujifilm cameras appear with face detection, eye detection, object tracking,… and distinctive characters of the X-T2 such as Performance Boost that have inspired me to compose more and more. No more power limited.

I can quickly and accurately capture the movement of objects on the go, thanks to the shortened time manipulation: X-T2 to record the parameters and user focus point in the last usage, custom AF-C system to predict objects more accurately.

Now I am able to take a decisive shot by intuition and photography experience based on surrounding motions. No more distracting by the frame and missing the valuable moments. Thanks to this effective trick, photography is simply discovering the beauty of life, not analyzing social issues with a bulky equipment.

The compact body of X-T2 releases me from basic photography rules and teaches me that moment is the most important. With X-T2, place and time are unlimited for my favorite street-life moments to shine. The experience with this brilliant camera always makes my day.