Jacqueline Telem




Born in Belgium; 1973 Immigration to Israel; 2 children.

Work Experience: Till 2000 in business field; dealing with administration, personnel & finance; producing and analyzing on regular basis various statistics.

Since 2001, photography,

Studying with many of Israel’s  foremost photographers; Miki Kratzman, Gaston Ickowicz, Abba Richman, Dubi Roman, Baruch Gian, Eldad Raphael,  Yair Barak and Nurit Yarden.

Solo Exhibitions:

2013 – “State of Mind” - Artists’ House, Tel Aviv
2008 –"Between two hills" Givatayim Theatre, Givatayim
2007 – "Barren words" – Heichal Yahaduth Wolyn, Yad Vashem, Givatayim
2006 - "Daily views" Yahalom Theatre, Ramat Gan

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