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Ken L (Hong Kong)

KEN.L, founder of KEN.L PHOTOGRAPHY since 2010 in UK, FUJIFILM Global official X-Photographer, Profoto Ambassador, Fotopro Ambassador & Tether tools partnership photographer. Work in areas of fashion, commercial & portraiture. Been collaborated with 《Cosmopolitan》,《JESSICA》,《Vans》,《BAPE》,《Balenciaga》,《BMW》,《illest》,《Biotherme》,《Microsoft》, 《Nike》,《Adidas》, 《Titika Active》,《Wrangler Jeans》,《Bata》etc. multi national brand and magazines all around the world.

My very first Fujifilm camera is X-Pro1, I attracted by her vintage body design, the dial controlling, made me pick back the feeling of photography. The best thing of Fujifilm cameras keep all their own film simulation profile on a new tech digital camera, the best image color that ever have.

I’ve been watching Fujifilm Mirrorless camera system grown up, from APS-C to Medium Format, from 35mmF1.4 to nowadays roadmap, satisfy many of the users. People used to say “Fujifilm made a toy cameras” But I am telling everyone that I use Fujifilm camera for professional works.