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05.02.2020 Bert Stephani

X100V "My Milestone" - Bert Stephani

Bert Stephani

Sono un fotografo professionista che vive in Belgio e passa la maggior parte del proprio tempo realizzando ritratti creativi per clienti editoriali, commerciali e privati. Credo nella condivisione della conoscenza con altri fotografi e pertanto svolgo workshop in tutto il mondo, faccio il blogger e realizzo video di formazione.
Mi piace giocare ma senza rispettare le regole. Il mio lavoro si basa sulle storie, sull’atmosfera e sull’emozione. Il mio stile è un po’ ruvido, un po’ come la vita. Lo descrivo come “la bellezza dell’imperfezione”. Cerco sempre quel tratto unico che rende speciale il mio soggetto e poi provo a immortalarlo in ritratti avvincenti.

For the “My Milestone” project, Bert decided to focus on everyday life and the role of photography in it. Here’s how he describes his project:

The X100 series has always had a special place in my photography. To me, an X100 doesn’t belong in a camera bag or in a gear cabinet, it belongs in my jacket pocket, on the kitchen counter, on the coffee table, around my neck or even better … in my hands. I do use it for assignments but more often it’s my tool of choice to document life, to explore and to create. With the X100V that tool has become even better.

Each day is filled with countless moments. Most of those are instantly forgotten but a few will be remembered forever. You just don’t know which moments will turn out to be milestones over time. That’s the main reason why I have a camera with me pretty much all the time.

But I don’t want to live my life through the lens. I want to document life while living it, … fully. Therefore I need a camera that doesn’t get in the way. And that’s where the X100V really shines

Another reason why I always have a camera with me is that it is a passport into other worlds, a way to meet new people and create connections. The camera is not just a way to document life, it’s also a device that can enrich it.

I enjoy bringing a client’s brief to life but nothing beats the freedom of creating for yourself. With a compact but powerful camera, you can create anytime, anywhere.

I have sometimes struggled to find my direction in photography but this project has given me a new appreciation for simple, authentic photography. In that sense trying to photograph milestones, created a milestone for myself and my work.

Life may not always be Instagram worthy, but it’s always worth documenting. You don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to explore. And you don’t need elaborate concepts and gear to create.

All you need is a camera and the belief that there’s a good picture to be made right here and right now.