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Mindy Tan

A newspaper journalist turned documentary photographer in 2008, Mindy photographs a wide genre from street & travel photography to competitive sports to Weddings.  Her photographs are always about the human condition - always on emotions, moments and story-telling.
Her work spans many countries over Asia and Europe, including a viral photo-essay on Pyongyang, North Korea. 
In sports, she has covered the Beijing Paralympics and Youth Olympics. 
In her personal work, a moving series on Lee Kuan Yew’s death is exhibited at the National Museum of Singapore. She also published a book ‘Silenced Minority’ on the Singapore General Elections. 
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As a photographer, the camera is a tool second only to my body. Hence the way I the camera has to resonate with the way I move and photograph, in order to make my work easier and also respond with speed.  I’m a huge fan of the X-Pro2 and X-T2, both for the way their bodies have been constructed with touches of nostalgia, and how they are so silent and obscured when I’m working on the streets. They are also lightweight and perfect to travel with. It frees me from some of the weight of prime lenses which I love using.