Capture One

Powerful photo software with the tools to quickly shoot, edit, share, and collaborate so you can create extraordinary imagery

Bring your photography to life

Capture One is a match made for Fujifilm with customized camera profiles for each supported camera and lens. Create and deliver stunning photos quickly and easily with precise editing tools, fast tethering, mind-blowing colors and image quality, and much more. Plus, you can access Fujifilm Film Simulations on both the desktop and mobile app so you can apply them to your photos even after shooting.

Get to know Capture One Pro

From mind-blowing colors, incredible RAW conversion, speedy AI tools,  precise editing, collab options, and the ability to connect your camera and shoot into your device fast – get a breakdown of all the powerful features in Capture One Pro on desktop.

Get comfortable in a heartbeat

With access to lots of free tutorials for tool intros and quick editing tips, you’ll be an expert in Capture One before you know it.

Collaborate with teams and clients from anywhere

Share your shots with teams and clients as you shoot and collaborate seamlessly from desktop or mobile. Forget emailing back and forth or needing to download files – get valuable feedback with comments, star ratings, and color tags all in one place for faster editing and streamlined review.

Freedom to move

Make sure you get the shot you need by connecting your camera and shooting right into your iPhone or iPad – instantly being able to view, edit, and share your images. Shoot with freedom wirelessly or cable up for insane speed.

Get your basics covered


This free software is exclusively available for Fujifilm users and provides you with basic editing tools, though with some limitations. It’s not as feature-packed as Capture One Pro, but you can use it to make essential edits, organize your catalog and session files, apply Styles and Fujifilm Film Simulations, and export your images to JPEG and TIFF formats.