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Russell Ord

Russell Ord is a photographer based in Margaret River Western Australia with his beautiful wife Catherine and three kids Kalani, Tavian and Ayla.  An ex-fireman by trade, his journey into surf photography started fifteen years ago when he injured his knee surfing. Instead of sitting on the couch for three months Russell picked up a camera and spent the days at the beach shooting friends surfing and ocean based activities. That injury transformed Russell’s life; a passion for photography was born and now he loves to capture the beauty of the sea. Russell’s main focus over the past seven years has been to steer clear of the crowds, explore the rugged Western Australian coastline, swim into some of the heaviest waves imaginable and push his photographic boundaries in waves of consequence. “I have gone away from capturing every single moment, and now I'm just trying to get that one moment that's challenging to myself, so that means swimming right into impact zone, my whole life revolves around that journey; what I eat, how I breathe and how I train."  


I have recently been a convert to the X Series cameras and could not be happier with my decision,  having been a SLR user for the last 15 years (surf photographer) I was a little skeptical at first about focus speed, build and image quality however I was more than pleasantly surprised when I trialled the X-Pro2, 16mm, 56mm and the 50-140mm from Camera Electronic, this is exactly what my photography required, a light kit for travel, un-intrusive equipment for my lifestyle work, robust, exceptional image quality and the list goes on. I am now a proud Fuji owner and user which consists of the following: X-Pro2 | 56mmF1.2  | 16mmF1.4 |  90mmF2 | 60mmF2.4 | 50-140mmF2.8 | 35mmF2 | 27mm (pancake) F2.8 | 100-400mmF4.5-5.6. Happy to recommend any of the above – great build quality and my photography work has gone to a different level.