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Martin Hulle (Germany)

My name is Martin Hülle and I am a photographer, author and adventurer based in Wuppertal, Germany.
I am in deep love with the remote northern countries of Scandinavia, Iceland, Scotland and Greenland. For more than 20 years I have discovered mountain ranges and icecaps in summer and winter time. Countless trips on foot or with skis led me into the heart of these harsh but also breath taking environment. I traveled thousands of kilometers through northern landscapes. Including an almost two month long backpacking trip on the famous and 800 km long "Nordkalottleden" trail, skiing traverses of either the Jostedalsbreen in Norway and the Vatnajökull on Iceland - some of Europes largest glaciers -, and two extreme expeditions across the icecap of Greenland. My passion is travel, landscape and outdoor photography. With a focus on nature but also an eye on people, stills, and everything curious in front of my camera.
I want to discover the world. Far away and next to my door. I want to tell stories.
Photography and writing is a way of life and a form to capture, express and share personal feelings and life with the world.