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09.01.2016 Jára Sijka

Jára Sijka on X-Pro2

My story with X-Pro2 camera begins really sad… A few months ago, we went up to Sole mountain nearby Revelstoke, BC in Canada. We went there for a condition check for one of the most beautiful high Alpine mountain bike trail. We were caught in a really huge rain-snow storm and got completely wet to bone for 4 hours. On that day, I drowned my X-T10 camera. I was really disappointed about that, because during the whole course of winter, the camera rocked in super cold and wet condition!

So when I got my new X-Pro2 camera, there was just one and only option where to go shoot for the first time and test this new beast.

As I’m known as a outdoor action sports photographer, for me the most important thing is how fast the camera focuses. Everyone know that I’m not that kind of photographer who compares and try to find those tiny details, I don’t really care. I need fast focusing and weather resistant camera as much as possible. Often times I get in for an unexpected rain or snow. We cannot go hide somewhere, but we have to go and shoot at any conditions. It doesn’t matter if it rains or not. I have to shoot in all conditions. My photos show nature as raw as it is. So for me, my camera has to be ready every time without any compromise. I know that for many people, it is unbelievable how I could use my gear so hardcore, but thats the way it works for me.

I don’t want to speak about design… All of us know that it is superb. My first impression was that the body is really solid and very comfortable to handle (except ISO changing circle). First thing that I put on fire was AF-C/AF-S focusing and after few shots I was super stoked! Every single photo was sharp and focusing was really fast! Honestly, I didn’t expect that it will be so good! As I have been using Fujifilm cameras since X100, I’m able to compare the focusing from X100 to X100S to X-T1 to X-T10… X-Pro2 camera is for me really breaking point and I’m confident to tell you that there now is only a small difference in focusing between mirrorless and DSLRs cameras (I have Nikon D810 too).

Next is something that is new to me and it’s awesome! It’s a joystick kind of button to change focusing point. This is really helpful and fast enough to change the point during action.

When I’m in the mountains (snowboarding or biking), I am there for the entire day at least and sometimes I have to stay out there overnight. I need to pack as light as possible. Compare the weight of Fujifilm and Nikon gear. Less weight and smaller gear means that I can take my avalanche gear or sleeping bag. This opens up a new way to shoot for me, to stay safe or stay longer in backcountry.

For my outdoor shoots I take in 95% Fujifilm cameras instead of my Nikon. That is something I’ve said a lot of times before. Doesn’t matter that they are not 100% perfect. It is the same for me. I am not a perfect photographer, either. If you want everything is possible.