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03.13.2020 Jolie Luo

X100V "My Approach" - Jolie Luo

Jolie Luo

Luo Xiaoyun is a Famous world traveler, polar photographer. She is always focusing on humanity, environmental protection and female culture. She is famous of putting herself in pictures, combining with scenery. In order to shoot satisfying works, Luo Xiaoyun had numerous trips to the destination over the years and in-depth experience of living like a local, to create her own connection with the world

Finding North

When I first saw the FUJIFILM X100V, I have totally crush on its look. It is light and delicate, keeping the classic style of FUJIFILM camera.

It was such a weightless machine in my hands,I start to doubt, because a month later,I would be in Mohe, the northernmost border town in China. Mohe County is known as China’s Arctic. The lowest temperature in winter can reach to -53 degrees. My worry is, can this little machine survive of bad weather?

Mohe in winter is like a polar night,daylight is very short. It’s getting dark at 4 p.m. I had to take the time start to finish shooting every day under the condition of dark and extremely cold.

However, the FUJIFILM X100V really surprised me. It was very smooth and excellent to complete this polar shooting task. Every night at -30 degrees, it can work normally. Even in dark light, FUJIFILM X100V still has a good image quality.

I took it through all the landscapes in Mohe and experienced the life of the local people.

Landscape photography, cultural photography, polar photography… all my favorite, this little camera has helped me record them all.