05.03.2019 FUJIFILM

FUJIFILM X Acquire - Backup / Restore Camera Setting

Step 1.

Follow the Owner’s Manual or New Feature Guide instruction and select the Backup/Restore mode (USB RAW CONV. / BACKUP RESTORE)

Owner’s manual

Step 2.

Use a USB cable to connect the camera with your Mac or PC

Step 3.

Launch FUJIFILM X Acquire. The FUJIFILM X Acquire runs in the menu bar (for Mac) / taskbar (for Windows).

Step 4.

Click on the FUJIFILM X Acquire icon in the menu bar (for Mac) / taskbar (for Windows) and select “BACKUP CAMERA SETTINGS…” or “RESTORE CAMERA SETTINGS…”. All of the camera settings except for DATE/TIME, results of CUSTOM WHITE BALANCE, and customized QUICK menu can be backed up and restored.