2019.08.06 Javier Abad

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Javier Abad

Javier Abad was born in Mieres, Asturias in 1975. He became interested in photography just before starting his Chemistry Degree.

For 10 years, he worked as a freelance photographer for national sector publications, such as Surfer Rule, Solo Snowboard and Snow Planet, and for other international publications, such as Skiing and Playboard. He has also worked for brands like Nike ACG, Quiksilver and Nitro Snowboards.

He has also won action photography competitions, such as the Malamute Challenge by Salomon Snowboards. Little by little, he began to balance field work with his job as photo editor for Spotmag magazine. 

Before long, he published two books, along with his fellow forum contributors: Cazadores de Luz: Las mejores fotografías de los grandes fotógrafos españoles” National Geographic/RBA 2008), with a foreword by Steve McCurry and “Cazadores de Luz: Secretos y Técnicas” (Alameda Editorial, 2010)

In 2011, he created the f2 wedding photography studio and shortly afterwards he won second place for new photographers in the BodaF Europe 2013 awards and was also included on the list of the world’s 180 best wedding photographers, according to Delicius Presets.

Over the next few years, he was considered one of the Top 10 best Spanish wedding photographers, as chosen by Unionwep.

He has taught at international wedding photography workshops, such as the Wolves Workshop, and has made presentations on several occasions at conferences such as BodaF Europe. His wedding photography has also been published in magazines and blogs around the world, such as Green Wedding Shoes and Junebug Weddings.

He is currently balancing his work at f2studio with a new adventure photography workshop project called Proyecto Nature.

BTS- Hans & Marianne

Gears: X-T3 + 23mm – 35mm – 56mm

I am going to start by saying that this project was a great gift: getting to know Hans and Marianne better, being able to work alongside my good friend, photographer Javier Avad, to tell this lovely story and, of course, trying out the Fuji X-T3, a camera I fell in love with at first sight.

I must say I had always been a fan of another brand (which I won’t name) and that, despite how lovely the X-T3 looked, I was reticent to change. I’d been accustomed to using the same camera for a long time, and getting to grips with a completely new one usually takes time, but here it proved easier than expected. Although it is very different to the camera I was used to, I found it pretty easy to get a handle on.

It has a surprisingly lightweight body that is undeniably beautiful and which lets you swap everything around as you like, so I had pretty good control of it within a day. The second thing I would mention is the picture quality. The 4K and Full HD results were impressive; I was very happy with the outcome.

I like simple things that are easy to handle…also pieces that don’t call attention to themselves. I usually shoot camera in hand and dislike clunky equipment because my work style is fairly organic. I enjoy the freedom of movement and action that I have when shooting without a monopod or other type of stabilizer. And that was another thing that had concerned me. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover I could use it easily and not have to change my usual work style. I found the menu a bit complicated, but I guess it’s just a matter of time and it will get easier the more I use it.

I only have one criticism regarding this camera. The Rec button should be able to be customized for ergonomic and stabilization reasons and you should be able to shoot and cut with your thumb (at the back).

Apart from that, the X-T3 was brilliant for shooting video with. And if you’re like me and you like getting around freely, it’s ideal. Obviously I miss the full frame and blur that everyone wants, but in all honesty the picture quality, weight, design and of course the look of the thing warrant getting to know it better.

I loved the ETERNA film simulation, and being able to shoot 4K at 50fps is the greatest thing to have happened to me in a while. I honestly didn’t expect it would surprise me as much as it did or that I would like it like I do, but it really won me over.

In terms of the lenses, the first thing that surprised me was their size and weight. It’s extraordinary how little space they take up in my bag. I really liked the sharpness and versatility of the 23mm lens, and I loved the flares of the 35mm.

All up, trying the X-T3 was wonderful. My congratulations to Fujifilm for this …yes, I will say it again… this camera that is as lovely as it is functional.