2019.08.02 Ivan Joshua Loh

Personal Best vol.33 | Ivan Joshua Loh

Ivan Joshua Loh

Ivan Loh是一名来自新加坡的获奖摄影师,以对镜头和构图的另辟蹊径的应用而成名。他已荣获多项国际摄影大奖,享有享有纽约和巴黎PX3 Prix摄影师称号。在2013年的摄影大师杯比赛中,Ivan获得第三名。Ivan的摄影生涯始于少年时期,那时,他开始用父亲的尼康单反相机探索世界,直到现在,他的探索之旅还没有停止。
他的作品刊载于Conde Nast Traveller, Home+Living , Her World, Cleo, Seventeen, FHM, Parents World 以及Home & Décor等杂志。在《压轴摄影师》、《数码摄影师(英国版)》等国际期刊上也可见到他的作品。
Ivan为新加坡航空、亚洲MTV、耐克、南洋理工大学、Tuas电力公司、安联保险、Manulife保险、汇丰保险、DHL、TNT、UOB、CAAS、希尔顿集团、Intercontinental酒店集团、来福士酒店、diegeo, embraer, carlson, tata通讯、HDB、Clark Quay、HOT FM 91.3, KISS 92FM, JIA 88.3, POWER 98和Chimjes等企业拍摄过商业作品。


  • XF 23mmF4 R LM WR
  • XF45mmF2.8 R WR

Story: Old Resident

As a commercial photographer Ivan is always challenged to meet the client’s requirement. He brings this same attitude when shooting street photography. There are many elements that is required to make that shot.  Be it the location, that perfect moment, lucky timing or the rare strange  encounter that lead to that final shot. Above all, the photographer and his tool; the camera must be ready to nail it. They must be One.

Ivan loves shooting series. Just like advertising photography; here is a series on street photography blending with environment with a subject. Sometimes  the moment is indeed a stroke of luck. Most of the time is a waiting game for  that decisive moment. That may or may not turn out the way we envision.  If it doesn’t, we try again.

This last photo is Lai Tak Tsuen. It’s a public housing built in the 70’s on Hong Kong Island. It’s also known as the the “father of public housing”. When I arrived, I realized it’s not that public as one needed an excess card to get in for security reasons. I was tempted to just go back and forget about this location. Instead I waited for a while and boldly blend in with the crowd and just walk
in. It’s truly a classic architecture marvel. After checking this building I found my spot and waited for a resident on the right level to walk pass. I was fortunate to nail it.

I only stayed for 15 minutes before I was busted. Wish I could stay longer. A security officer found me and ask me politely in cantonese to leave as I wasn’t a resident. Was it worth the risk for this shot of an old resident in Lai Tak Tsuen”?  It certainly was and I can’t promised I won’t do it again.

This photo won 2 Honorable Mention in 2017. International Photography Award and International Color Award.