2017.06.22 Mia Galde

FUJIFILM X-T20 and XF50mmF2 by Mia Galde

Mia Galde

Mia Galde is a photographer, artist, and photography teacher in Stockholm. She has extensive experience working as a professional photographer and is continually engaged in a number a personal projects. Her projects begin with a theme that she explores and may occasionally return to.
She has had several exhibitions in addition to holding numerous lectures and workshops. She is motivated by her desire to inspire others and her love for the visual arts. The camera is a tool that helps her understand the world and herself. Through her rich and suggestive photographic imagery she is able to share her experiences. Mia Galde’s discerning eye has enabled her to create a unique visual language that is continually developing.

One of the things I love about photography is that it is so dynamic. A photograph can be everything from a message, to a memory, to a piece of art. It can fill so many purposes and have so many meanings.

I shoot daily in my work as a photographer, but also in my free time. It is not only my profession but also my passion. It is a natural way for me to experience the world. The camera is an extra eye that allows me to see the world from another perspective. Looking through a lens is like putting on glasses: I see the world more clearly.
It is important that my tools meet my needs as a photographer. I am dedicated to the FUJIFILM X Series, which provides me with a wide range of high quality lenses and capable camera bodies. The FUJIFILM X-T2 is my everyday companion, and now I have tried the smaller FUJIFILM X-T20, which fits into my handbag and even in my pocket if I use one of my favorite lenses, the XF27mmF2.8.

The new XF50mmF2 is my favorite lens at the moment. It is compact and light and has fast, silent autofocusing. The lens is also weather and dust resistant, and operates in temperatures as low as -10°C, making it ideal for Sweden. Most importantly, it delivers crisp sharpness and lovely soft bokeh at wide apertures.

The X-T20 produces great files of high quality, which are a pleasure to work with in post production. It is also fun to have many options to play around with in-camera, from double exposures to film simulation modes. I have always liked experimenting with the developing process and different film types, so I really enjoy the film simulations in Fujifilm cameras. A total of 15 film simulation options are available, though my X-T20 is loaded with the Velvia filter at the moment.
Images below are JPEGs shot with the Velvia filter in single exposure mode. The double exposure effect here comes from nature itself, reflected in a window.

I like walking around with a camera. It brings out a world in pictures: one of light, reflections and shadows. In some ways, it makes the world more beautiful. A light, intuitive, competent camera like the FUJIFILM X-T20 is the perfect companion on my walks.

Whether out on a walk, or in a portrait session, the FUJIFILM X-T20 has been a nice camera to work with. The XF50mmF2 lens is great for portraits, and together with the X-T20, is a top, light-weight solution.

One of the features I can’t live without is the Wi-Fi function – not only for the remote control, but also for the quick and easy sharing of images. Sharing is caring. Sending a bouquet of flowers to a friend has never been easier!

The FUJIFILM X-T20 is perfect for the passionate photographer with high demands. I look forward to discovering more with it, and sharing my revelations with the world.