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Xiang Fang (China)

房 翔 简 介 1991年 第一届全国人像创新技艺交流会最高创新奖;
1992年 首届婚纱艺术大赛中获奖;
1993年 香港E•A国际沙龙影赛获金奖;
1994年 创办杭州佳丽摄影艺术有很公司;
1999年 获第三届全国人像摄影十杰
2001年 全国第十届影展铜奖及优秀奖;
2006年 被评为中国婚纱摄影行业“最具有影响力人物” ;
2006年 出任人像摄影学会婚纱专业委员会副会长;
2008年 成功举办“成功之道•中国之行”全国婚纱摄影行业大会
2009年 获得美国PPA国际杰出摄影师、中国十六名最优秀摄影师
2013年 被中国人像摄影学会评为“杰出贡献人物”称号;
2014年 房翔肖像视觉喜来登酒店影展(暨房翔肖像视觉喜来登分馆)开幕
2014年 荣获奥地利摄影大赛金奖


Before using X-T1, I also have high confidence about S2Pro、S3Pro、S5Pro of FUJIFILM, which were suitable for wedding photography, especially in its color mode and AF speed. The XF23mm F1.4R lens, XF56 F1.2R portrait lens and XF 14mmF2.8R wide angle lens of FUJIFILM let me take portrait photos with ease, which contribute to a large quantity of excellent photographic production in my travel in Tibet and Sri Lanka. In the Sky Funeral in Se Da, the quick continuous shooting and multi-focusing function of X-T1 help me to seize the real scene. The another powerful and particular function,instant overlap display of multiple exposure,played an important role in my photographic work------“Revival” and “Fly between sky and earth”. The resolution of XF23mm F1.4R and the reminiscent feeling of film simulation make Lama photos taken by X-T1 are surprising. X-T1 supports 23M huge raw file output, which make it possible to enlarge the photo output print size. Also, its flash synchronize shooting function is as good as DSLRs. In general, X-T1 has been become my most important portrait photographic tool, which is as good as full size DSLRs.