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Mehrdad Samak-Abedi (Germany)

Fujifilm’s X-series cameras offer me the option to enjoy all of the conveniences of digital photography without having to forego the analogue handling of a camera I have come to love over my many years as a photographer.
The quality of cameras as well as sensor technologies is improving all the time. Among the leading brands, there is now virtually hardly any difference as far as the image quality is concerned. This is why Fujifilm’s concept is even more impressive when compared to the countless other options that are available. When I held an X100 in my hand for the first time in 2011, I knew immediately what I had been missing for all of these years after switching to digital photography: the analogue operation and set-up of the parameters that are critical for the exposure.
As a travel, landscape and street photographer, I spend a lot of time on the road. It is an absolute necessity for me to travel with compact and lightweight baggage when I set out to take travel and landscape photographs. What this means is that I can cover a lot of ground and vast distances while I hardly even feel the weight of the equipment I carry.
In my street photography shoots the deciding factor is a camera that is small and works very quietly. Hence, when I move through crowds I do not attract attention to myself because I carry a huge camera, nor does any noise during the release disturb the world around me. Thanks to its compact size and barely audible central release, the X100S is the master of this discipline.
However, the body of the camera is not its most important feature for me and was not the final determining factor when I decided to switch to Fujifilm completely. One of the key reasons is the supreme quality of Fujifilm’s lenses! At this time, the company does not have a single lens on the market that does not deserve the description “outstanding.” The performance of the fixed focal length and the zooms is excellent across the board, yet first and foremost, they are all compact and lightweight.
Fujifilm’s commitment to its products and customers is always evident. Regardless of whether it is the camera design, the image performance of their lenses, their premium customer service or that they are also keeping older models up to date at all times through firmware updates – one thing is always certain: this company is listening to the users of its cameras!
All of the above goes hand in hand with the outstanding image quality of the Fujifilm X cameras – even as far as the jpgs are concerned. Hence switching to Fujifilm was a very easy decision for me.