06.10.2021 Glenn Mckimmin

LENS STORIES: GF35-70mmF4.5-5.6 WR x Glenn Mckimmin

Glenn Mckimmin

Glenn Mckimmin là nhiếp ảnh gia phong cảnh có niềm đam mê với ngành công nghiệp nhiếp ảnh. Vào năm 2017, Glenn đã tổ chức hội nghị nhiếp ảnh lớn nhất của Úc, Aperture Australia, nhằm mục đích kết nối ngành công nghiệp nhiếp ảnh với công chúng thông qua các cuộc nói chuyện đầy cảm xúc của các nhiếp ảnh gia người Úc. Anh cũng chia sẻ niềm đam mê của mình thông qua một loạt các hội thảo và tour chụp ảnh với doanh nghiệp Fotoworkshop, cùng công ty in ấn và đóng khung của anh Created for Life. Glenn thích đắm mình trong thiên nhiên hoang dã, sẵn sàng dùng ngón tay trên màn trập để chụp một bức ảnh sẽ kết nối mọi người với trái tim cùng linh hồn của địa điểm và gợi lên một phản ứng cảm xúc.

Impression on GF35-70mm

I was recently given the new Fuji 35 – 70mm zoom lens to road test as part of the GFX 100S system I currently use. There were a few things the struck me immediately but first of all was the size. At 390 grams is it a game changer for me in terms of the gear I will need to carry while hiking to get to some of my favourite locations.

GFX100S & GF35-70mmF4.5-5.6 WR

Another advantage with regards to the size of this lens is shooting documentary/street photography with the 100S. The 100S is only 900grams and small in appearance and if you combine that with the size of this lens, I can walk around the streets with a large format 100 megapixel camera that looks like a standard DSLR. The combination of the 100S with its IBIS has an incredible impact on this style of photography as I‘m able to shoot at lower shutter speeds and because everything is so light the ability to hand hold and stay still whilst also getting full use of the IBIS allows me to shoot hand help at ridiculously low shutter speeds and still get sharp images at 100 megapixels.

GFX100S & GF35-70mmF4.5-5.6 WR

The next thing that caught my eye was that this camera has no Aperture ring this is also exciting and a new feature from the GFX lens suite. The lens is obviously built incredibly well and has the new collapsible lens structure which is a great little feature as well and a space savour in the bag.

In terms of operational advantages the auto focus is so quiet and so fast, this will be so good to use in the streets as a travel lens in close quarters.

GFX100S & GF35-70mmF4.5-5.6 WR

Another amazing new feature is the MOD being at 35cm this adds an extra special element into the mix that allows me to get shoot so much closer for different styles of work.

This lens is built with Fuji’s exceptionally high standards and of particular interest is the incredible weather resistant structure. I don’t have any added stress when taking this lens out into extreme conditions. I can shoot out in nature and through all the elements knowing this lens will hold up no problem at all.

GFX100S & GF35-70mmF4.5-5.6 WR

The 35 -70mm range (28 -55mm in 35mm) is such a versatile focal length for me and one I really enjoy using. It’s a focal length I do a lot of landscape work with and also an amazing portrait lens which makes it tick a lot of boxes for me as well.

As with any lens I use, the ultimate test is in print. There’s no point having all of these megapixels and reduced size of the lens if the quality of the file is not there. Having checked these files on my computer for sharpness and also having processed the files I was happy with how the results had come up. I also tested the lens at various apertures and loved the fact that at the higher aperture the edge sharpness is there. At the smaller apertures the bokeh is beautiful and the lens really holds up to be an all round great piece of glass.

GFX100S & GF35-70mmF4.5-5.6 WR

As mentioned the ultimate test for me is the print. This lens did not disappoint the detail was there in spades, it was sharp edge to edge and I could not be happier with the result on print.

Overall this lens will change the amount of gear I have to take with me and also allow me to be less obtrusive in situations where people are concerned. I can pack less and go further with this lens and I believe it is an asset to the already incredible glass that Fujifilm produce.

GFX100S & GF35-70mmF4.5-5.6 WR