29.03.2016 Ivan Joshua Loh

FUJILICIOUS by Ivan Johua Loh

Ivan Joshua Loh

Ivan Joshua Loh là một nhiếp ảnh gia Fujifilm X được biết đến với cách tiếp cận kỳ quái và khác biệt qua ống kính của anh ấy. Anh đã nhận được nhiều giải thưởng từ những tổ chức như Giải thưởng Nhiếp ảnh Quốc tế, New York và Photography Master Cup. Gần đây nhất là Giải thưởng Vàng, vị trí số 1 tại Giải thưởng PX3 Prix De La Photographie ở Paris.

Ivan bắt đầu chụp ảnh từ thời niên thiếu với máy ảnh Nikon SLR của bố anh và anh không ngừng chụp kể từ đó. Anh đã chụp ảnh nhiều chiến dịch cho các hãng nổi tiếng như: Singapore Airlines, MTV Châu Á, Nike, Bossini, Đại học Công nghệ Nanyang, Caltex, Tập đoàn Ascendas-singbridge, Bảo hiểm Allianz, Bảo hiểm Manulife, Bảo hiểm HSBC, DHL. TNT, UOB, CAAS, Tập đoàn Hilton, BLINK, Tập đoàn Khách sạn Liên lục địa, Khách sạn Raffles, Diegeo, Embraer, Fujifilm, Carlson, TATA Communication, Income, GIC, HDB, Clark Quay, HOT FM 91.3, Kiss 92FM, JIA 88.3, ​​Power 98 và CHIMJES.

Các công việc biên tập ảnh của anh đã xuất hiện trên nhiều tạp chí như Home+Living, TopGear Singapore, Her World, Cleo, Seventeen, FHM, Parents World và Home & Decor. Các công trình ảnh của anh cũng làm nổi bật các tạp chí quốc tế như Conde Nast, Quattroruote, Nhiếp ảnh châu Á và Nhiếp ảnh kỹ thuật số (Anh).

By Ivan Joshua Loh

I have known photography and amazed by it for more than 25 years. I have tried and owned many cameras in this journey as a photographer. I have failed one time too many, I have also bag awards in photography. I have learned and mastered the fundamental of photography and also relearn in this ever changing world of photography. Photography has taught me how to “see” or have the “eye”. Photography teaches and forces me to see deeper and beyond a fleeing scene. It has taught me to see, feel and understand this complex life a bit better and capture it with four corners.

To capture a scene; as photographer we need a tool called; camera. The pursuit for the ultimate camera is relentless. But at this same parallel, photographers also needs to hon their craft. Not many cameras in the world has this capability and allure to constantly attracts the owner to pick it up and bring it for a shoot. With a new camera this is expected. As it’s the flavor of month. But with X-series this is its strongest point. Even with a new X-Pro2 and X70 in the dry cabinet; I still hear X-Pro1and X100s nagging at me to bring them out for a shoot! They may not be the latest models but these cameras feels special. To have something special in your hands is indeed a privilege. As time pass these cameras have indeed age well and I strongly believe they will become modern classic in time to come.

As a commercial photographer, I shoot a lot during work and don’t shoot much on non working days. With the existent of X-series cameras; I shoot a lot more these day. If I don’t bring a X-Series camera out; I feel something is amiss. In fact the last 5 years I have shot so much more than my last 20 years. Documenting the life around me. The only so call regret is I wish X-series concept should have started much earlier. Again; its better late then never.

As X-series crosses 5 years, they have indeed created an awesome camera system. From the very capable X70 to their flagship; sexy and beautifully crafted X-Pro2. With more than 20 world class lenses and still growing. The hybrid viewfinder is indeed special. A marriage of old tradition and new technology squeeze into a beautiful viewfinder. I am not trying to dissect what X-series is made off but rather embrace what they have created. A camera system that excites and fan my passion for photography. There is indeed something special in this camera system called X-series.