Seok Jaehyun built his career as a photo journalist at a daily newspaper company in Michigan after having majored visual communication at Gyeong-il University and the Ohio university graduate college in the U.S.A.

He gave a number of private exhibitions at home and abroad and had invitation exhibits at photo festivals abroad while working as a professor and training younger students, along with his private documentary work.

He was awarded international documentary photo prize in Thailand and Japan in 2010, 2011 with the work of the documentary on Philippine female dancers which he had worked as a private project.

In addition, as a photo exhibition planner, he planned a thematic exhibition <Imaging Asia in Documents> at 2006 Daegu Photo Biennal and showed international documentarians' works including Steve McCurry's in our country, and then he is planning exhibitions mainly of documentary photos both at home and abroad.

As a different career, he was arrested by Chinese public peace police and interned in a Chinese prison for 14 months in the early 2003 while working a documentary about North Korean defectors.

Since then, he is working as a professor at Daegu Mirae College, an exhibition planner and a freelancer of media including New York Times after he's come back to Korea.


As a photographer working mostly documentaries of people, I feel the camera is extremely suitable for working and communicating with the objects directly while using X-Pro of Fuji Film.

The miniaturized size of the camera and that there is no sound of mirror are its strong points.

And I checked that it's possible to print out display works largely, because the resolution of image is high and the power of detail description is outstanding thanks to the excellence of the camera and the lens.

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