X-H2S: "Arirang Motion" x Poppin Hyunjoon

Dance, photos, and Movies

I believe something as essential as music when it comes to the genre of dancing, which visualizes or expresses music in a language of the body, are photos that capture fleeting moments, and video shooting that is becoming increasingly important in the era of personal streaming today. Over many years of dancing, I have come to appreciate videos more in particular as they can record and organize my past, present, and future selves.

X-H2S & XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR, Photo@Roh Seunghwan

Hello. This is Poppin Hyun Joon. I enjoyed working with Fujifilm when I was given a great opportunity to work with them just when my interest in video shooting was beginning to bloom. I used a Fujifilm camera for the first time and I was deeply impressed by the outstanding colors set as a default preset not only for photos but also for videos.

After hearing what the video shooting team that worked on this project together had to say about the camera, the fact that various codecs can be used on the camera and it directly supports ProRes recording seemed to offer sufficient uses to not only general users such as myself who edit all videos using a MacBook, but also to professionals.

X-H2S & XF23mmF1.4 R, Photo@Roh Seunghwan

Furthermore, street dancers who shoot videos live or in a variety of spaces often find themselves having to shoot videos in spaces where it is difficult to secure light. High-sensitivity noise generation, which is considered the most important in such instances, was not bad, and being able to attach a cooling fan separately when shooting for a prolonged period of time came across as a very original idea as well.

X-H2S & XF90mmF2 R LM WR, Photo@Roh Seunghwan

White-clad race, harmony, and Arirang

Coexistence of Traditions and modernity
Since ancient times, Koreans were known to be fond of the color white. This does not simply embrace the notions of ‘white’, such as purity or ‘determination’, but also signifies the meaning of ‘bright’, which can also be deduced from the shape of the character ‘白 (white)’ that shares the same etymology as the character ‘日 (sun)’. I believe that this can once again be thought of as an element called light.

X-H2S & XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR, Photo@Roh Seunghwan

I worked on this video that resembles the waves of a white robe through a modern reconstruction of Korean beauty through choreography by projecting light with the effect of white clothes and lighting that harmonize in a white space, which is considered to be a perfect color that captures the harmony of ideals and reality, as well as primitive beauty that crosses life and death.

X-H2S & XF90mmF2 R LM WR, Photo@Roh Seunghwan

As an artist who always communicates with the public, I hope to take another step forward to becoming an artist who will be remembered for a long time by newly expressing Arirang, a piece of music that can be played in regional, historical, or genre variations and at the same time be tied into one and harmonized with, in the form of dancing, which is the language of the body.

BTS Footage


Art Director | Poppin Hyun Joon
Co-Director | Roh Seung Hwan


Director | Joo Sangjun (Whales Film)
Producer | Keem Jinho
DoP | Lee Whoohyung (Texture)
Camera Team | Jo Hanhee, Eom Dowol


Lyricist & Vocal | Park Ae Ri
Composer & arrangement | Kim Tae Gun

Costume | Kim Ji Won
Plan | Lee So Jung
Photo | Rohsh