The new “FUJIFILM XApp” allows you to connect your X /GFX Series cameras to your smartphone / tablet seamlessly. Available both on iOS and Android.

Seamless Wireless Communication

“FUJIFILM XApp” is the new app specifically designed for FUJIFILM X/GFX series cameras to communicate with your smartphone/ tablet. It allows you to transfer images wirelessly, control camera remotely,  keep record of your photographic activities, save & restore your camera settings, and more to support your photographic life.

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Wirelsss Image Transfer

You can browse and transfer images and videos to your mobile device, all controlled from the app.

Remote Control / Live view Shooting

You can take a picture remotely with a single tap on your mobile device, or control your camera setting with precision wirelessly in Live view Shooting.


You can save the camera setting to your mobile device, and put it back to your camera instantly when you need it.


You can review your daily photographic activities in a diary style with "Timeline". "Activity" allows you to review your photographic activities in a collated style.

Getting Started

In order to use “FUJIFILM XApp”, you will need to pair your camera with your mobile device through bluetooth.  Click on the “+” mark on the top right corner of the Connect tab screen and follow the instructions. Once your camera is paired with your mobile device, all of the wireless communication can be operated from the app without a need to manipulate your camera.

Location synchronization

Through bluetooth connection, the geotagging information of your camera can be synchronized with the geotagging information of your mobile device. The communication interval can be set as short as 10 seconds for accuracy.

When you allow to save the geotagging information to your images, the synchronized information will be added to the images, allowing you to see the locations of the images shot on a map when viewing in “Timeline” tab.

Wireless Image Transfer

You can browse and transfer images and videos to your mobile device, conveniently all controlled from your mobile device. This allows you to share your images and videos with your friends and family instantly wherever you are.

Photo resize

“Photo resize” option is now available on the app screen. You can choose to transfer images in the original size or in compressed size. 

Image Transfer Order

Once you add the images in the IMAGE TRANSFER ORDER queue, the images will be sent to your smartphone while you use the camera in shooting or playback mode, or even when the camera is turned OFF. When you enable “AUTO IMAGE TRANSFER ORDER”, then all of your images will be sent to your mobile device automatically. 

Remote Camera Control

Remote Control

In Remote Control mode, the shutter release can be wirelessly controlled from your mobile device with just a single tap. This comes handy when you want to take a group shot with your friends and family, or when you want to avoid even a minimal vibration for the shot.

Live View Shooting

The Live View Shooting mode lets you see the live view from the camera on your mobile device. This is useful when you are shooting from a tough angle. The mode also allows you to configure some camera settings such as aperture, ISO, shutter speed, white balance and Film Simulation for further control of the shot.

Record your Photographic Activities

The all new “Timeline” and “Activity” functions allow you to look into your photographic activities in a new way. Once the activity record is enabled, information such as the cameras/lenses you have used, the number of images shot, hours of movies recorded, and the types of Film Simulation mode used will be recorded and displayed on “Timeline” and “Activity” tab.


“Timeline” show your photographic activities in chronological order in a diary style. If the location synchronization is enabled, then the shooting location will be displayed on the map. The title and the text of each entry can also be edited.


“Activity” let you to view your photographic activities in a collated style.

*The “Timeline” and the “Activity” functions are not available in some countries and regions. To view the shooting information with these functions, users need to sign-in to Fujifilm network service with social media authentication (Facebook, Apple, Google).


You can save your favorite camera settings to your mobile device and restore the setting back to your camera when you need it with just single tap.  This is helpful as your favorite camera settings for various subject type or shooting situations can be managed in the app, making it quick and easy to change setting even during the shoot. 

The camera setting can also be applied to multiple cameras of the same model via the app, thus streamlining multi-camera shooting.

*All camera settings except for Network settings and custom white balance settings can be saved.


Find out more about the XApp compatibility from the link below.

XApp Compatibility