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First and foremost, Braden Gunem is an adventurer, spending most of his life roaming like a modern nomad. As an X-Photographer,Braden chases water and snow around the globe. Most at home hanging from a rope or floating down a remote jungle river, he utilizes his sense of adventure to create stunning imagery. His images have been published extensively in the outdoor industry. For several weeks out of each year, Braden volunteers as a documentary photographer, helping to build up the presence of NGOs in developing countries. Between his philanthropy and travels, he lives for the pursuit of his next image. While he enjoys photographing the exotic and challenging, He also enjoys shooting the mundane. “I love the challenge of finding interesting images in my everyday life; it’s a great exercise in seeing." With his Fujifilm X-Series gear, Braden travels light and produces powerful imagery on the go.

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