03.07.2020 Bin Zhang

My Sophisticated Weapon -GF30mm

Bin Zhang

Zhang Bin, 45, master of business administration, Xiamen University, Military Journalism (undergraduate), Nanjing Political College. Now as the Xinhua News Agency Chinese distinguished Photo Agency photographers, Getty signed an exclusive National Geographic photographer, reviewer, scenery China British photographer, Chinese Landau signed filter eleventh outdoor adventure rhino award winner, Beijing PIKE Technology Co., creative director, as well as a number of photography photography tutor network platform. on learning Zhang Bin from six years old and sixteen years old art, photography and photography after learning has been engaged in related work, to participate in the work, with 20 years of experience in photography work is very basic, art theory and practice of each category is very solid, familiar with photography, portrait, commercial advertising, and relates to the scenery, news, humanities, aerial photography, photography, video, micro film delay, the team many times with national geographic, international cross-country race, extreme sports events, the famous documentary. At the same time learn to use familiar with a variety of photographic equipment, familiar with the characteristics of film photography darkroom process, familiar with digital photography later mainstream processing software, proficient in mainstream software use later. In addition to the current shooting outside, Zhang Bin also served as digital photography later teaching work, cross-border analogy with a unique teaching style, hand out of a new digital photography has been in later stage.

I always like to shoot with fixed-focus lenses. The sense of restriction often stimulates my desire for creation. I have strict requirements for the quality of images, and fixed-focus lenses always give me satisfactory answers.

30mm lens, which is only 24mm compared with SLR camera, can shoot a wide range of subjects, such as scenery, documentary, news, portrait, etc. If only one lens can be selected to travel with all around the world, I will choose it, which meets most of my shooting needs.

When I got this lens, I was shocked. It is so light and so portable. I often go to extreme environments for shooting, which requires a lot of physical strength. Sometimes it’s just the extra weight of a lens that weighs down the photographer after a long journey. This lens has greatly improved my shooting efficiency, and the quality of the picture is extremely excellent, far beyond my imagination.

During my use of it, I found that the matching of this lens and the GFX cameras is just right. The lens is extremely light, the resolution is very high, and the maximum aperture is suitable. I can easily hold the camera in many low light occasions without worrying about the insufficient exposure, and the blurring caused by the decrease of shutter speed, because it is light, making the hand-held more stable.

The lenses of Fujifilm are always cheap and excellent, with extraordinary performance. There is no exception for this lens. It continues to maintain the excellent quality, excellent workmanship and low price of other GF series lenses.

The aperture of this 30mm lens is a little larger than the original. The weak light shooting is very excellent, especially when photographing stars, which makes me really feel the power of the medium format camera. I have been shooting in the environment of deserts and encountered storms recently. The lens is airtight and suitable for creation in the harsh environment.

I hope Fujifilm will continue to provide more varieties, better picture quality and more durable lenses for photographers!